What Do you Think When you see a Skinny Kid Curling 5 kg Dumbbells in the Gym?

So we all have our thoughts in our minds. We will say ours out loud so you don’t have to keep on guessing.

What could be inside the thought bubble of most folks when they see a skinny kid with 5 kg dumbbells? Here are what we think and what you should not. 

The not so friendly thoughts


Here are some of the chuckles people might have when they see one doing an arm workout with a lighter load.

Some may taunt him or give a smirk, even ladies who lift may also find this too light a weight.

Well, if you’ve been lifting heavy weights for years, this can be normal. and you’d find lighter weights more of a waste of time, or maybe a warmup for more intense movements.

And here is what we think

While the thoughts above may sound off, this can be common for a lot of people to think.

And here is what we think and those people with a deeper understanding of fitness and wellness.

That skinny kid is off to a great start

Why is lifting lighter weights even for a dumbbell curl a great start? For a handful of reasons.

Fitness professionals and those who know the scientific approach to lifting weights will think of this. Matter of fact, for someone who is new to the gym, 5 kg can still be an effort.

Regardless of one’s weight, it’s paramount to start with lighter weights first.

This makes it possible for a beginner to focus on doing the exercise with the proper form. This focuses on the quality of the exercise and not the quantity or the load of the weight. 

They’re not there to show off

Beginners venture out into the fitness arena out of their comfort zone to make themselves healthier.  

If you’re out of your comfort zone, it’s wise to work with lighter weights first. After you have achieved number one  to assume proper form, number two follows.

You have to get accustomed to the movements and be comfortable with them so you can make it sustainable. 

This is important for one to achieve their fitness goals, whether one wants to lose weight or gain muscle, everything should be sustainable. 

That’s why newbies must start with lighter weights first, especially if they are on the skinny side and don’t have matured muscles yet.


They can be more focused on their goals

This relates to number two.

Since they are not there to show off, the skinny kid can be more focused than those who abruptly lift heavier weights and don’t know what they’re doing yet.

They are focused on their goals and know that lifting too heavy of weight without really knowing what they’re doing.

They know that if they don’t have the capacity yet to lift heavy, they can end up injuring themselves.

This doesn’t come overnight.

You have to work on lighter weights first before your body and muscles can get accustomed to it.

Then you slowly and gradually work your way up to lifting 15 then 20 kg.

Give them a break you’ve been there before


Before achieving that well-chiseled muscular body, you have been a skinny kid before.

Well, I think every one of us went through that phase, the skinny boy or the awkward thin girl who wanted to change their body image and feel better about themselves.

And we have successfully done it, right?

So what better way than to pass on the positive energy to the beginners?

Instead of having all those negative judgmental thought bubbles every time you see a skinny kid lifting lighter weights for any exercise,  you can do something positive instead. 

Why not commend the kid on deciding to finally embark on a fitness journey? Not everyone is willing to do so.

How about giving tips on how he can safely progress into more challenging routines in the future?

Or praising him for the proper form?

And if he needs some correction, you being the seasoned lifter, can offer some helpful tips.

Then we’ll all live in a more beautiful world.  


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