Top 5 Best Treadmills on a Budget (Under 800)

Are you looking to run, walk and train your lower body at the same time with a treadmill but don’t have a thousand dollars to splurge? We’ve got you covered.

We have listed treadmills that can serve your fitness needs but can still be quite affordable at the same time.

Hold on to the rails and let’s add more color to your morning run without hurting your budget.

Buying Guide: What Did We Look For

Well, first of all, these treadmills run under 800 dollars. But more than the price tag, we tried to look for more value.

Eight hundred dollars, though more affordable,  is still an investment. So we made sure these units can serve your fitness needs well.

Add more variety to your daily routine

When you’re often working out at home, variety is important. Without it, you’ll get bored.  Especially if you just own a treadmill and nothing else, you’re bound to get bored  sooner rather than later

That’s why adding variety to your daily exercise is crucial. 

To add more color to your day, these treadmills are equipped with one or both. 

One, all have an incline feature. We choose units that can be automatically adjusted so you don’t have to step off the unit to adjust the incline.   

This is convenient also if you need to train your lower body.  The additional incline can serve as resistance, thereby increasing your muscular strength and endurance even without weights.

And two, some of these treadmills have several built-in preset programs. This can add spice and color to your daily routine even if you have been running on the same old treadmill for years. 

Robust build

If you have less than 1000 dollars for a treadmill, that does not mean you have to compromise on the build and quality.  

We chose units that are of substantial build so you feel stable. These also have decent to impressive cushioning on the belt so your knees will not hurt. 


Our Top Choices: 5 Best Multifunctional Treadmills Under 800

These are budget treadmills that can still help elevate your usual routine. 

Horizon T 202

Speed:  0-12 mph

Incline: 0-12%

Even with a budget of less than 800 dollars, this is a treadmill that has amazing specs. The belt is a bit larger compared to treadmills within the same price range, so this can also be used for running. 

You can also amp up the intensity of your training with more options to increase the incline of the unit. 

This can help you gain muscles in the lower body while working on your cardiovascular endurance.

The console, though not fancy, feels substantially sturdy. This is one of ‘em reasonably priced treadmills that you can comfortably use for running. 

The belt feels sufficient and it doesn’t rock nor shake side to side.

But keep in mind that this is not a smart treadmill. It does not have any option to sync it to apps for a more customized training program. 

Sunny Health & Fitness 8730 Folding Treadmill

Speed:  0-7.5 mph

Incline: 0-12%

This is a basic-looking treadmill that despite the affordable price, offers an automatic incline. You might not find another unit that offers the same price and has an automatic incline.

Though there are a handful of units that have a manually adjustable incline, you have to get off the unit to be able to change the incline, which can be inconvenient for some.  

It is a minimalist treadmill with a basic locking console. But one of the downsides is that it has a lower speed.

The maximum speed is up to only 7.5 mph, making it more suitable for walking and brisk walking but not running.

But despite that, you can use this for training your lower body and gaining muscles in the glutes and legs. 

NordicTrack T series

Speed:  0- 10 mph

Incline: 0-10%

If you need something a bit smarter and equipped with some of the modern conveniences, you’d be very pleased with this T series treadmill from NordicTrack. 

It has that incline option to help you increase the intensity of your workout. At the same time, you get to enjoy some of life’s modern luxuries such as Bluetooth connectivity. It also has an incline feature that can spice up your daily routine.

These add a lot of variety to your usual walk or run, and variety is crucial, especially to those who workout at home.  This helps keep the spark of excitement in your everyday routine.  

The belt also has an impressive cushioning feature. You will not feel that high impact each time your foot and on the belt. 


Speed:  0- 10 mph

Incline: 0-10%

This treadmill is substantially built. You can feel the robust construction every time your foot makes an impact with the belt. There is no shaking or feeling unstable at any time.

The downside is the narrower belt. Thus we do not recommend this to taller folks or those who have legs that go on for days. But for average to petite individuals, this can be a trusty treadmill to run on.  

But this is more of a basic-looking treadmill. Though it has Bluetooth connectivity, the console is small and looks old-fashioned. 

It makes up for it with a larger compartment at the front where you can place your iPad or your gadgets. 

And with a smaller footprint, this can be your ideal treadmill for a smaller space that can still elevate your daily routine.

Schwinn 810

Speed:  0- 10 mph

Incline: 0-10%

This bad boy packs in 16 different preset exercise programs that can help you add more variety to your usual workout.

Couple that with the incline function of up to 10 percent, you can get a whole rounded exercise with just a treadmill. 

This helps you also work on your muscular strength and endurance. So you might not need to use weights for your lower body. 


But do keep in mind that the LCD screen looks pretty old-fashioned borderline primitive.  But it does keep your knees cool as it has this impressive cushioning and shock absorption quality.

Budget Treadmills That we Have Also Tested

We have also dipped our toes into these affordable treadmills. They are quite reliable too, but lack the common denominator that sparked our inspiration to make this list, a more comprehensive incline function. 

You can check out these treadmills. These might also be able to help you complete your daily walk or run if you’re more into casual mornings.


Speed: 0-10 mph 

Incline: 3 levels 

This is a foldable and decently stable treadmill that can suffice if you do not really have much need for an incline function. 

Though it has 3 options, you have to have it manually adjusted, which can be annoying if you regularly use this feature, especially during interval training. 

Sunny and Health Fitness Asuna Premium Slim Folding

Speed: 0-9 mph 

Incline: 0 %, 2 %, 4.37 %

This is a pretty perky and sleek-looking treadmill that fits cramped spaces. Foldable it is, and it also has an automatic incline function. 

Though it does not offer much, you can choose from 3 incline options. You can still use this to increase the intensity of your routine, especially if you want to train your lower legs. 

Serene Life Smart Treadmill

Speed: 0-6 mph 

Incline: 3 options

This foldable and easy-to-transport treadmill has a decent handful of programs. You can choose from three built-in programs and 3 levels of incline.

May not be much to work on, but can still add a bit more flavor to your usual walk.  

How We Tested These Budget Treadmills

We had our team of fitness enthusiasts ride on these affordable treadmills every day. 

The price is of course the common driving factor, this list having the word affordable in it. But we also made sure that each unit was able to suffice  this.

Variety is the name of the game

Boredom and redundancy are some of the common reasons for not sticking to your regular fitness routine.

If you have access to the gym or the outdoors, it’s easy to sneak more spice into your routine. But that may not be possible for most, especially those who are in a WFH situation.

Thus the need to buy a treadmill that can offer more intensity to your routine. And an incline function is a simple treadmill feature that can add something new. 

More than just for running and walking

With incline features and built-in programs, these can also serve as 2-in-1 fitness equipment.

For those who just need to casually tone the lower body, the legs, hips, butt, and calves, you’ll find a lot of value in these treadmills. 


These are still within your budget’s reach and these bad boys can serve your fitness needs. So working out at home need not be boring or mundane anymore. 

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