WFH Accessories to Support Your Productivity


Work from home rules have been implemented in certain countries since the pandemic began. Many companies keep this rule on after the pandemic ended, allowing their employees to continue doing their duties away from the office while still completing their responsibilities. Because of the flexibility of the place to work, employees will have more options whether to work from home, in a coffee shop, or anywhere they want.

You will most likely just receive the laptop or PC from your company if you work from home, meaning you will need to buy the other devices to support your productivity. In this case, you should start looking accessories you might need to assist your job and maintain a nice tidy-looking workspace at home. We need to admit that nice-looking setup is also important as it can improve your mood when you work remotely. To ensure that you have the ideal working-from-home setup that fulfils your needs, you should consider the function, cost, and overall design for the whole setup. So, without further ado, let’s start the list below.


Most office employees consider an extra keyboard to be a necessary tool that helps typing. This applies for both PCs and laptops, especially because not all laptops have a comfortable keyboard for typing. You can get any kind of keyboard you want for an external keyboard, whether it is mechanical or membrane keyboard, 60% or full size, you choose the exact model you like. It is a good idea to buy one for yourself if you need it for working from home, as this actually depends on your personal tastes.


To get the best possible keyboard, you need to set your budget. There are tons of keyboards that have great features with different price range which you can choose. However, knowing your budget will narrow down the list so you can have the specific models that meet your expectations without having to spend more.

After understanding your budget, the type of keyboard needs to be taken into consideration. Whether it is membrane or mechanical keyboards, they offer the basic functionality that a keyboard is used for. If you look into deeper details, mechanical keyboard might be a good choice as it gives a better experience than the membrane one. The reason is clear because it offers better durability, customization, and reparation availability.

In terms of durability, it is understood that mechanical keyboards are superior compared to membrane keyboards. This is generally because they are made of fine material such as aluminium or high-quality plastic. Not only that, but they are also easier to customize than the membrane keyboards. You can literally modify the switches, keycaps, and many other parts. The last thing to mention is the option to repair the keyboard easily. As you can see, most mechanical keyboards have hot-swappable switches which you can replace if it is broken or if you want to change for different typing feedback. With this, you don’t have to buy a whole new keyboard if there is only one or two parts need to be replaced.

Keychron Q6

Keychron Q6 is highly recommended since it offers exceptional value. This is a device that can be used by anyone, regardless of casual users or those with experience level in coding. You can assign any macro function you choose to each of the keyboard’s four dedicated macro keys, which is particularly helpful if you plan to use a lot of macro functions.

You get a smooth and silent typing experience with this full-sized keyboard because it comes with red hot-swappable switches. The ability to swap it out for a different switch type, such as a clicky or tactile switches, is one of the benefits. To totally change the feel of every keystroke on your keyboard, all you need to do is purchase the switches individually.

a great example of the keyboard

The volume knob, which allows you to change the volume right from the keyboard, is another extra feature. It is nice to have a feature that makes a task easier, even though you can still adjust it from the computer settings.

Considering the 2.4 kg weight of the keyboard, Keychron Q6 is not the most flexible option available. On the other hand, it feels extremely solid from the moment you hand it, which makes a great first impression about the build. If you want to work from home, this is the ideal option for you as it will give your workspace a neat and clean look.


Using the trackpad will be difficult once you have an extra keyboard. That being said, a mouse is needed in this case to help with your experience. We need a mouse that is both comfortable and ergonomic, without sacrificing performance, as we are talking about accessories for working from home.

The recommended mouse for you in this situation is the wireless one. This is because using a wireless mouse will minimize the number of cables in your setup and make it look cleaner. Selecting a wireless mouse is generally not a hard thing to do. For this particular device, the market offers a wide range of options. What you should be aware of are the weight, shape, connectivity, and ability to pair with multiple devices.

Knowing that you will be using the mouse frequently while working, the weight of the device must be seriously considered. This means that if you use a heavy mouse, you will get tired pretty easily. The lighter the mouse, the better for this particular purpose. However, since most cheap mice from questionable brands are lightweight and come with poor-quality components, the build quality should also be taken into consideration as well.

The ability to pair with multiple devices at the same time is something else to consider. Sometimes it can be annoying to pair devices, particularly if you have to do it frequently because you only have one device that can support the others. In simple way, having the ability to pair with multiple devices saves you from having to go through this annoying process each time you want to connect your mouse to another device.

For this to purpose, Bluetooth connectivity is necessary. Buying a cable mouse makes sense if your goal is to play video games. However, since the mouse is meant for professional purposes, it is best to keep things as simple and clean as possible. This means that the best way to keep your desk organized is to avoid using cables. If Bluetooth is not an available option, it can still connect via USB receiver, which is essentially the same since they are both wireless.

The last feature to discuss for a mouse specific for this use is ergonomic shape. It is highly subjective to choose which shape is better because a person might prefer different model than the others. The size of your palm hand is the only definite parameter for this. This allows you to adjust the size of the mouse, so it fits better in your hand.

Logitech M720 Triathlon - mouse for your wfh

An example – Logitech M720 Triathlon

Logitech M720 Triathlon is a recommended device that you should consider adding to your list. The ergonomic shape, which makes it feel really comfortable in the hand when you hold it, is the reason why you need to put this device in the list. Since it is made of high-quality material, it feels solid and premium. You will probably use the mouse for extended periods of time, so it provides you with the comfort you need to prevent fatigue from a long-time usage. Up to three devices can be paired with this mouse simultaneously, thanks to the multi-device pairing capability. Without having to unplug the USB receiver, you will be able to quickly and easily switch the connected device with this feature. You don’t have to worry if you work with a MacBook because this mouse supports both Windows and MacOS, which means you can connect it right away without having to follow complicated instructions. The hyper-fast scrolling feature from this model also allows you to scroll up and down with ease and speed without having to do it repeatedly. However, if you have larger hands than average, this mouse might be a problem for you. The mouse is relatively average on the size, but people with larger hands may find it difficult to hold.


As a professional, a single monitor doesn’t provide enough flexibility, so you will need an additional monitor to assist you with your work. With another monitor, you can open one task on the screen and another on the extra monitor. This is a common practice in most offices to increase productivity and help employees work more efficiently.

monitor setup

The requirements of the programs are not as demanding as those for gaming or editing, so a monitor for office use doesn’t need to have the best specs. However, if you intend to use it for personal purposes as well, you might want to have a better monitor specification. This will ensure that you never have to regret using it for gaming or editing in the future. Before you decide to buy one, you will need to consider several factors.

The first consideration is the resolution. Because this is intended for office use, a Full HD monitor will do. Since the resolution is only average, this type of monitor is usually inexpensive compared to those with better resolutions. A 1440p monitor is still the safe choice because it has a higher resolution, resulting in a sharper and clearer image on the screen. Although the price is slightly higher than the average 1080p monitor, but this could be a good investment for you if you ever want to use it for something else.

WFH setup with accessories

If you are only going to use the monitor for work, the refresh rate is not so important to take a look. This feature is only useful if you want to use the monitor for gaming. All office jobs should be fine with a 60Hz monitor, and this might be the industry standard because it is a cost-effective solution for an external monitor. If you have a larger budget, the 90Hz refresh rate is a better option. This will result in a smoother image transition on the screen, providing a better visual experience which is what you really need for entertainment purposes.

Color gamut is not something you should be concerned about, but it is always better to get a good monitor for overall value. Though a 100% sRGB monitor is ideal for all types of users, it is not required if you intend to work from home with it. Anything above 75% sRGB is acceptable, meaning the color is not as pale, and the price is generally more friendly for those who have tight budget.

An example – LG 40WP95C-W

After considering all of the aspects, one of the good monitors for this purpose is the LG 40WP95C-W. Since it has an ultrawide panel and more space to open two or more applications at the same time, the LG monitor is a great value as an external monitor. A curved monitor allows you to improve your focus and comfort while staring at the screen for extended periods of time. The 72Hz refresh rate and 4K resolution of the screen are decent for any purpose, including work, gaming, and other forms of entertainment. Even if the screen is ultrawide, the text is clearly visible on this monitor, which is ideal for office work. We all know that ultrawide monitors rarely have better clarity than regular-sized monitors with the same specs. This monitor, in particular, is pretty decent if you have to deal with a lot of texts for your job. The only disadvantage of this monitor is that it has low contrast, which results dark colors to look less vibrant as it is expected from every 4K monitor.


Logitech C920 Pro

Working from home typically includes dealing with online meetings as well. Meetings via Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams are becoming more common in recent years, especially after the pandemic. A webcam is needed in this situation in order to show your presence in the meeting by displaying your face in real time. If you are not sure what kind of webcam is best for an online meeting, you can find out the recommendation here.

There are several things to consider when buying a webcam, but to keep things simple, look at the resolution and framerates. These two aspects impact on the video quality of the output. While higher resolution provides sharper image details, higher framerates allow the video output to appear smoother and less blurry. Though there are other factors to consider, working from home should not demand a high-quality webcam unless you intend to give an online speech at a conference.

An example: Logitech C920 Pro

If you have not made up your mind yet, Logitech C920 Pro is a decent option. The webcam includes everything you need for office use. With a maximum 1080p resolution and 30 frames per second, the video output is definitely clearer than a standard 720p webcam. It also has a reliable auto focus feature for the meeting. The feature allows the camera to maintain focus on a particular object. The downsides of this webcam are the mediocre microphone and the difficulty in finding the availability of the device since the demand is high. Aside from those two factors, this webcam is fantastic, and you can definitely take advantage of it.


Finally, the headset completes your work from home setup. This device will be used for the online meeting since clear sound is needed for both input and output. Even if this is not an essential part for a meeting because you can still listen and speak on your laptop without any additional device, you will need a headset for better communication during the call. This is because most laptops and webcams don’t have high-quality input sound, resulting in poor sound quality.

a headset for WFH

You should consider the comfort, sound quality, and microphone when purchasing a good headset. The materials used in the headband and ear cushions have an important role in preventing pain in your head and ears after hours of usage. As important as comfort, sound and microphone quality are two other factors to consider. It is preferable to have a clear audio sound with a noise-cancelling microphone. This will benefit both you and your audience during the call because these two factors help the headset to produce high-quality input and output.

Logitech Zone Vibe 100

Logitech Zone Vibe 100 is an excellent choice for boosting your productivity. The modern design gives your setup a nice look while still fitting in with the office environment. In terms of audio quality, it is solid and capable of providing decent quality in the mid and top ends. Because the device is light in weight, you will not feel fatigued while wearing it, and it absorbs force if you accidentally drop the headset, which means it will not break easily. The mute system feature, which allows you to mute the call when you raise the microphone and unmute it when you lower it to the mouth level, is a great addition for a shortcut mode, giving you a quick access to mute/unmute your microphone during the meeting.

Working from home is an option for office employees. Therefore, if you intend to work away from the office, make sure you have all of the necessary devices. By doing so, you will minimize the number of potential challenges that may arise when you start doing it. The five items listed above are the most commonly used devices that you might expect to be useful to you during your WFH time. As a result, having them in your setup is a good idea for a supportive working environment.

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