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Best Office Chairs that Can Help you Work Better for Long Hours

Sitting on an office chair for longer than 3 hours can take a toll on your back and entire body. There’s the sore lumbar, numbing pain on the hips and legs, and an achy neck, name it you can get it from sitting too long in front of your computer working on those projects.

Thus the need for office chairs that can lend needed support. And we’ve got the cream of the crop on this list. 

Buying Guide: How We Chose these Office Chairs

Working from dusk till dawn can put a toll on your spine and entire body. It can create so many pressure points that can debilitate you in the future if left unsolved. Thus getting a suitable chair is an investment you must make. And here is how we picked these chairs. 

Sturdy built

Not only do you need to ensure that the chair is rated for your weight, but you also have to check how the chair feels. Does it have unnecessary rocking or does it feel flimsy and loose?

You will feel more supported if the chair has a sturdy build and construction. A flimsy chair might feel too loose and the needed back support.

Lumbar support and recline

If you work for longer hours, you need a chair that has dedicated back support. This can prevent muscle soreness that can trickle down to the legs and travel up to the neck. If you have a sore back, it can affect the entire body, thus you feel pain all over.

Our chairs have different types of lumbar support. We have a more aggressive lumbar support, an intuitive one, and weightless comfort. So you can choose the best type of back support system that your body needs.  

Then the recline function is also a saver. This makes the chair more amenable to changing position. Being stuck in one position for more than five hours can spell pain for the entire body.

Flexible backrest

In addition to a functional lumbar support and a recline feature the flexibility of the backrest also defines how comfortable the chair is. We’ve chosen units that have a nice give or flexibility. This prevents pressure points and enables the chair to follow or support your spine in whichever way you move.

Top Picks: Best Office Chairs for the Busy Folks

Herman Miller Sayl

Move on over Aeron, we’re favoring another Herman Miller chair. The Sayl is not only a gorgeous piece of furniture, it is also quite comfortable. The mesh material feels very flexible and supportive. This flexible material can adapt to your back’s movement. We felt it supported the sacrum rather well. So if you’re up til dawn working on your deadlines, your bum will not get sore from sitting for a long time.   


This is also a favorite choice if you’re in hotter climates, it is very airy and breathable. It has a nice blend of comfort and breathability. But the material can get a bit cold when it comes to the winter, so it’s something you have to consider for the coming winter season. 

And oh, this might not be a suitable option if you are taller. The backrest does not run high enough to have taller folks’ backs fully supported. But petite folks to those of average height will find it a very supportive and comfortable chair. 

Steelcase Karman

Working for hours on end can be taxing to the body. That’s why you need to insert micro-movements to prevent soreness and back pain. And you will be able to fully do that if you have a flexible chair. 

The Steelcase Karman is one of ‘em more flexible chairs that can support your back however you move. The tyro of the mesh responds very well to the body’s movements.

 The seat also has a softer and flexible frame that prevents your thighs from pressing into much against it. This can help get rid of the soreness as it eliminates pressure points. 

The arms are also 4D. This makes the chair more amenable to little movements. You can attune the position of the arms to how you sit. And this makes the hair more supportive to the entire body. 

Oak Hollow Aloria Series

We recommend this chair for taller folks who need to have their back fully supported. It has tons of adjustable features that enable you to fine-tune the chair according to your needs and preferences. 

The controls of the chair itself are made specifically for the needs of those with longer limbs. So petite people will not find a comfortable position with this chair, even the standard option might be too high for them. However, keep in mind that this option has been discontinued and the chair only comes in the taller option. 

The chair is highly adjustable and breathable at the same time, making it perfect for long hours of work

Humanscale Freedom

If you have money to spend and want a more premium chair, the Freedom gives you top-end configurations of total all-day comfort. When It comes to fine-tuning, this chair will fulfill your fancy. 

This unit is extremely well built and you will be able to tell it once you sit on it. That being said, this chair can last a lifetime, we’re speaking of 15 years. So you’ll be paying more upfront but it can save you lots in the future. 

Along with the tons of adjustments, it supports your back naturally without you having to worry about making any adjustments to the backrest. It has a brilliant system that makes it more intuitive but you still have the option to fiddle through the settings should you need to. 

Steelcase Gesture

This is another favorite when it comes to tall and big chairs. One of the considerations for these types of chairs is the build. It has to have a rather strong build so it will be able to support the weight of those who are a bit on the heavier side. 

Aside from the sturdy build and craftsmanship Steelcase is known for, this chair has a high level of customization and adjustability. The combination of these features will enable you to get the most perfect setting for whichever position. This means that it can make the chair very amenable to micro-movements.  

If you need more firm support, then this is a great choice. 


 Branch Verve

This is a stylish and comfortable chair that can liven up your home office. It may look like a simple minimalist chair, but it does rack up a nice set of adjustable options. And what makes this unit comfortable for longer hours is that the set of adjustable features works well with one another. It might not look like a highly ergonomic chair that has a lot of those knobs and levers, but the lumbar support of the chair is very impressive. 

The recline is also great. You’ll be able to lean back and feel stable and supported. Movements such as a recline can help remove the redundancy of sitting for too long. You will be able to take breaks without having to get off the chair. Sometimes, taking too many breaks can break the momentum. And if you’re one of those, then a chair with an impressive recline will be able to help you get things done.

XChair X1

This is another flexible mesh chair that offers a more impressive and pronounced lower back support. It has this patented Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL). This makes the chair respond very well to your back’s needs.

This, along with the impressive recline function allows you to take the stress off your back, which is often an issue when you are working on a chair for longer hours. The recline can adjust to the back needs of a lot of users, regardless of their dimensions and size.

Herman Miller Embody

We’re not going to finish this list off with the Embody in it. There’s just something about the pixelated back support that makes it a very supportive chair that you can sit on for longer hours, without ending up with a sore bum and back. 

This makes the backrest quite flexible so that it can adjust to your back with every movement. So aside from being a very strong and sturdy chair, the backrest is rather soft and flexible. This is exactly what your back needs to prevent soreness.

Also, the recline function of the chair is one for the books. It has a very nice and smooth motion. It is also quite easy to adjust. The chair allows you to either sit in an upright position or recline back. This large range of motion can make the chair very comfortable for more people who are working for longer hours. 

Laura Davidson Soho II Soft Pad Management Chair

Those who want a more unique yet comfortable chair will find this Laura Davidson seat a very fulfilling one. This is one of the more comfortable and unique padded chairs that can make you last longer in front of your working desk.

It is built with three soft faux leather pads for the back and seat bottom. This makes the chair very comfortable for the bum. It does have minimum levels of adjustability, but these work well with one another. 

The chair is also rather sturdy with its 400 lbs weight capacity. It has a robust and sturdy build, so it can support you for longer hours. 

The controls are quite solid and it has a decent recline function. Though it will not be able to go all the way down and is a manual throw, it can suffice. But overall this can be a supportive seat for those who are looking for a unique and minimalist chair.

Haworth Fern

This is one of our favorite intuitive chairs with a unique backrest. Like the Embody, the Fern has this intricately designed back that can fully support your spine however you move. 

The Fern offers more weightless comfort, like how you feel if you are sitting on a hammock. This type of comfort can relieve pressure points and make you last longer in front of your desk. The shape of the backrest is tall and supportive from the base all the way up to your shoulders. It follows the normal curve of the spine. This combination makes this Fern a very supportive enclave backrest that can move, flex, and shift with you more.

The seat has a nice cushion, it’s on the firm side but your bum will not feel sore from sitting too long.

Office Chairs We Also Tested

Here are other office chairs that our team has also tried.

These are also decent sitting options if you are trying to work on those deadlines. While they can make you comfortable for longer hours, there are a bit more caveats than what we were hoping for.

Autonomous ErgoChair Pro

It has tons of adjustable features that can help you fine-tune the chair to your ling and needs. The mesh material of the chair is also acceptably flexible, but not as flexible as the other mesh chairs on our list.

Also, we were a bit concerned about the flimsy feel, you can instantly tell what of it the longer you sit on the chair.  The seat, though decently padded, can get too warm and toasty.

Union and Scale FlexFit Hyken

This is a budget-friendly option, looking quite similar to the ErgoPro Chair. This chair, despite the lower price, offers tons of adjustable options to make the chair more ergonomic for almost everyone.

It even has a nice recline that can help you break the redundancy of longer hours of slaving in front of your work desk. Though the recline is not as smooth as other more expensive chairs, it can come off a bit stiff. 

HON Ignition 2.0

This is a very simple-looking mid-range mesh /padded seat chair that offers a wider seat. This can be an alternative if you’re looking for a chair that can accommodate wider bums. 

It has a handful of customization options, though you have to add on cost to enjoy them.  It kind of has a limited scope since the backrest runs a bit lower, not many may have their entire back supported.

How We Tested the Best Office Chairs for Long Hours

To curate the perfect list of office chairs that you can use comfortably for longer hours, we tested a lot of household brands and even underrated ones.

We sat on them for 8-10 hours working in front of the desk and/or on our PCs and laptops. 

We evaluated these chairs based on the following.

 Ergonomic features

This is perhaps one of the more defining factors. For an office chair to suit your needs, it should be adjustable enough.  

Not only did these office chairs have these, but we also had to see if they were able to complement one another.

It’s no use if a chair has 10 adjustable features if they do not seem to add value to the chair. 

Every bit of the adjustable options adds more comfort to the user, especially if you intend to use it for longer hours.

We find more value in the quality of the features and how well they work with one another rather than the quantity or how much adjustable features a chair has. 

Materials used on the chair

We have a mixture of premium chairs and midrange to affordable seating options on our list. Despite the less premium price of some of the chairs we have, we only choose those  that feel substantially sturdy even when reclined.

Thus, we do not like chairs that have a bit of flimsy or plastic feeling. That may render the chair less comfortable especially if you’re going to sit on it for longer hours

End the Busy Workday Without a Sore Back

Sitting on a chair for a long time can break your back. This is the body part that gets the most abuse when you are working in front of your desk.


 While we have chosen chairs that can provide maximum comfort and support for the back,  we have also considered other features such as the ergonomics of the arms, the breathability of the material, and seat comfort.

You can find an array of supportive chairs on our list. These can help you get the day’s job without having to compromise your health and comfort. 



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