Best Memory Foam Mattresses That are Not Overwhelming

If you want to snooze to dreamland of fairies and unicorns, you need a mattress that can rejuvenate your tired body. Often, memory foam mattresses have pressure relief that can make you wake up with a renewed feeling. 

But these mattresses also have a couple of irks that can make it an uncomfortable bed for someone. We’ve wrapped up the best ones on the market so you can enjoy nothing more than the comfort memory foam is known for. 

Buying Guide: How We Chose These Mattresses

Looking forward to sleeping like a queen or king?

You can get your hopes high and will not be disappointed! And this is how we chose the mattresses in this list. 


Decent level of sinkage 

Sinking into a bed of softness can sound like a dream, but it can also be somewhat overwhelming.

Sinking too deep into the center of the bed can also be uncomfortable. Not to mention, it can give you body aches. It can also make you too hot. And this can be a common issue with most memory foam beds, they can get too clingy to the body.

That’s why we chose mattresses that can give impressive pressure relief and contouring but will not allow you to sink too deep into the bed. 

Subtle bounce

We also have a handful of mattresses that can offer a subtle bounce memory foam mattresses are notorious for the slow-moving comfort, thus lacking that fun bounce innerspring or pocketed coils are known for. 

While we have a handful that can lend a subtle bounce, it is not akin to how innerspring mattresses feel, but it can suffice if you just want to add a bit more fun into the bed but need the comfort only memory mattresses can provide. 

Fairly breathable

This is also a common issue when it comes to memory foam mattresses, they can get too hot. And white we cannot find a very airy mattress, we have discovered memory foam mattresses that do not get too clingy or too hot.  


Our Favorite Memory Foam Mattresses: Top Picks

So away we sail to dreamland. And in terms of memory foam mattresses, these are the way to go.

Leesa Original Mattress

it has this nice blend of firmness, comfort, softness, and support. You can feel that soft plush top. This softness instantly lends a relaxing enclave for the entire body. Then you would soon feel the firm support with a decent amount of sinkage, you can feel that cradling comfort but you will not be sucked into the bed.

It can align the spine rather well and cushion the lumbar quite well. So if you are a back sleeper you can find this a very supportive bed. It has that nice slight bounce. Thus if you are looking for a memory foam bed that can indulge with some movement and fun, this is an affordable option.

The cons is, that this is not a high-density mattress. Thus this is most useful for skinny or folks of average height. People who weigh more than 200 lbs may find this a too-thin bed. 

Nectar memory foam

This is a value-for-money option that most folks will sleep blissfully and have nice dreams with. It is a medium firm to firm comfort, that’s why it can appeal to most people’s preference for comfort. 

It is made of high-density foam so you can feel that full support for the entire body even if you are on the heavier side. And since it is infused with cooling gels, you’ll also sleep comfortably.

It has this slow-moving comfort that can cradle the spine rather well Once you lay on the bed, you will slowly sink into a slight curveball of comfort. You can feel the mattress hugging you in the right places. It clings to the shape of your body and you can feel yourself being enveloped into a cocoon.

This mattress is far from being bouncy. So that’s one thing to consider if you have your eyes set on it.  

Saatva Loom and Leaf

If you have back pain, this memory foam mattress offers a zoned comfort that can support the entire body, especially the back.

The surface of the mattress is reinforced so you can have impressive relief from pressure points. The top and the bottom are softer, which makes it more comfy for the knees and the shoulders, specifically for side sleepers.

We love that it comes in two firmness options, the firm and firmer. So if you want a more cuddle or be cocooned less, you have choices for that. 

Cocoon Chill Memory foam by Sealy

This is a budget-friendly option if you are looking for an affordable and cooling mattress that offers you a nice blend of cushion and support at the same time. 

One specific feature of this mattress is that it does offer a decent sinking experience. The cocooning is kept to a minimum, it will be subtle but the support is rather impressive. 

Novaform 14”Comfort Grande

This is also another viable option if you need pressure relief and spinal alignment but hate being cuddled in too much. If you just need just an ounce of clingingness, you will be pleased with this mattress. 

This also feels a bit firmer, thus perfect for most back sleepers.

Winkbeds Gravity Lux

This is one of our favorites when it comes to deep pressure relief. It has that classic memory foam feel but is a bit responsive.

So expect this bad boy to have quite a low level of bounce. That is something to consider if you’re looking for a bed you can use for both sleep and intimate nights.

It can seriously wrap you in a very tight and warm hug.

This bed has a firmer comfort and can appeal to the preferences of more people. And though it can hug you well, you’ll not sink in too deep into the middle of the bed.

Bear Original Memory foam

This is a firmer memory foam mattress that folks on the heavier hair side will be able to appreciate more. So if you are light, you might find it too hard.

It is made of layers of memory foam and dense poly foam so once you lay on the bed, you can get that subtle sinking sensation that can relieve pressure points. The poly foam layers prevent you from getting trapped out of the center of the bed. 

We also love how the cover is very airy, it is made of Celliant. You’ll find it outright breathable.

Zinus Green Tea

This is a budget-friendly but still decent option if you need a memory foam bed but are not up to splurging a lot yet. 

When it comes to spinal alignment and contouring, you can find this quite impressive. You can feel the contouring across the hips and shoulders, but it can dip into it more quickly compared to premium and more expensive brands.

With the lower price and less premium materials, this is better for skinny folks of average weight. It’s not a mattress that can last a long time, thus it is also best used as separate foam for your guest room.

Tempur Pedic Tempur Adapt

Tempur Pedic is famous for its premium feeling, and slow-moving response. Though a lot of memory foam mattresses also offer this comfort, you can tell how special and premium this brand feels.

There is just something that hits differently with it. It is also great if you want a bit more bounce, so it can be used comfortably for both sexy times and the rejuvenation of tired joints and muscles.  

This mattress is ultra soothing and comfortable.

You would just have to pay for more to experience this kind of bliss. But this mattress is an investment, it can last for a long time. So if you’re considering a more serious mattress for pressure relief, then this is one you should look out for.

Hyde and Sleep Citrine Air Memory Foam

This is a value-for-money mattress that will make you happy if you want that medium firmness comfort. It offers a nice blend of softness and serious pressure relief and support at the same time. 

You will not get that overwhelming feeling that you are being sucked into he bed. 

We also found this a rather airy and cool mattress. The top layer can lend you a breathable haven that you can instantly snooze in. 

There is a small amount of bounce that can work more for those who aren’t into very responsive beds. 

Other Memory Foam Mattresses That We Have Tried

These memory foam mattresses can still be heaven for some folks, it just went a bit short of what we were looking for.

Amerisleep AS 2

This is a memory foam mattress that can support your hips, it can be a relaxing and rejuvenating bed for back or combination sleepers.

But this, over time, tends to be too firm for side sleepers. You might not feel it in a few nights. But the too firm support can lead to pain eventually for those who are strictly sleeping on their side. 

Brentwood Home Cypress Memory Foam

This is an affordable memory mattress that you might love if you need your bed to be a bit cooler. It’s charcoal infused so you get a more comfortable and airy bed that is perfect for all year round.

The mattress itself is also quite supportive and you can get decent pressure relief. However, it can be too soft for some, it can be a tad bit overwhelming if you are on the heavier side. 

Plank Firm

This is an extra firm memory foam mattress that is a great fit for those who need a bit more support. If you are one of these folks, you will enjoy sublime recovery in this bed. The downside is, it’s not for everybody.

It can be too firm for some, especially those who strictly sleep on their side. 

How We Tested These Memory Foam Mattresses

We wanted our memory foam beds to have a perfect balance of just the right support, plushness, and spinal alignment.

And to affirm our list, we had our team sleep on these mattresses for two weeks.  Our panel of memory foam mattresses consisted mostly of combination sleepers, some strictly sleeping on their stomach, back, or side.  

The mattresses we picked above had to suffice these parameters.

Nice blend of softness and firmness 

This can be a tricky bit as a lot of memory foam mattresses can come across as too puffy and soft.

Though this can spell heaven at first for some who sleep on their side, the lack of support can lead to hip and shoulder pain eventually.

That’s why we chose mattresses that can offer a balance between these two. There should still be a significant level of support without making the bed too firm. 

Still cool enough to sleep on

We chose mattresses that are pretty compatible for all seasons. It shouldn’t get too hot once the temperature starts to rise.

Though-coiled mattresses are still king when it comes to breathability, we are not settling for a hot bed, regardless of how supportive it is.

Nice level of Sinkage But not Too Clingy


Memory foam mattresses are king when it comes to the comfort score.

Most folks need to feel rejuvenated from achy joints after a hard day’s work, these mattresses can indulge you in that. But these can also be too clingy and can be too overwhelming for a lot of people.

We handpicked memory foam mattresses that downplay this issue. So there’s nothing but pure bliss and relaxation to look forward to every single night.


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