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10 Best Standing desks for WFH: These Can Make you More Productive

Getting ready to set up your own home office or do an upgrade?

Before you head out to the store or go shopping online, hover through our recommendations below. This will help you get the best desk for your office.

So without delay, we have picked the best sit-stand desks that can make you more productive at home.

Buying Guide: How We Picked These Desks

Working from home has lots of liberties. But it can also have challenges. Compared to a corporate setting, you have to be more in touch with what desk to use. You have to consider a lot of factors, the budget being one of the more deciding factors.

Our lists consist of both budget-friendly and premium options, so everyone gets to enjoy their slice of cake. We based our list on these factors.

Storage spaces and cabinets
In the office, filing cabinets, storage spaces, and drawers are often a given. You don’t have to worry about it.

The opposite goes with a WFH setting, you will do the interiors and decide which cabinet to buy or to buy an additional one at all. If you have limited space, that can pose a challenge.

The desks that offer additional storage can be space savers. So you will see that the desks on our lists contain cabinets and drawers that you can actually use.

This helps you be organized and prevent clutter and mess. A clean workstation can impact your mood a lot, a clutter-free desk can make you more productive and eager to work.

Easy to assemble
We’ve chosen units that are either very easy to set up or come in pre-assembled or fully assembled.

This means that you will be able to set up the desk by yourself. You won’t need the help of the office handyman, which you might not have access to in a WFH setting.

Solves Cable management issues
Aside from organizing small office supplies, our top picks will also make it easier for you to organize cables and wires. Stray wires and dangling cables can make your desk look like a mess and it will not really make you in the mood to work.

Our Top Picks for the Best Standing Desk for Home Office

These desks can make it easier for you to transition from a corporate setting to a work-from-home situation.

Productivity can be a challenge when you are at home, and the basic thing that you can do to prevent this is to use a functional desk.


Branch Duo

Available sizes: 36 x 24”, 48 x 24”
Height range: 28”-47.8”
Weight capacity: 275 lbs

This is a simple yet regal-looking desk that can stand out in that corner of your room. The surface is also amazingly wider than what you’d need for a basic setup but you can get the desk at a quite reasonable price.

Despite the bigger surface area, it can nicely fit in a smaller nook in your home. However, if you are looking for an extensively wider desk, you might find this lacking. The quality of the desk is good, it is rather stable and will not easily shake when external force is placed on it.

The built-in storage can be used for smaller office supplies. The decent depth of the drawers can make organizing easier for you

Fezibo Brasa with S2 frame

Available sizes: 60” x 24”, 48” x 24”. 55” x 24”
Height Range: 27.6”- 46.9”
Weight Capacity: 176 lbs

This desk has a handful of desk sizes that can fit a simple home office or a more extensive one. So you can choose the most suitable size depending on how many square feet you have allotted for work.

But we’ve chosen the Brasa unit for this particular bit. This can be an affordable solution if you are in need of a decent desk with built-in drawers and extra storage but are on a tight budget. This is often the issue with home offices that are quite small, storage problems can be a pain.

Vari Electric Desk with Comfort Edge

Available sizes: 48” x 30”, 60” x 30”
Height: 25”- 50.5”
Weight capacity: 220 lbs

This brand offers a highly functional workstation and has more features and accessories. But it can play well in a home office, especially because it is very easy to assemble and put together.

This is a great option if you want tabletops that are a bit thicker than the standard ones.

The desktop options of the brand are a bit chunky and have more heft to them.
This is also one of the desks in this list that have great cable management features.

You can easily take care of stray wires and keep your desk free from hanging cables. No one else is going to clean up after the mess so might as well buy a desk that can help you easily maintain a clean workstation.

Real Space Smart Electric Height-Adjustable Desk

Available sizes: 47” x 24”
Height range: 29.5”-49”
Weight capacity: 88 lbs

If you already have a Smart home, this standing desk will complete your entourage. It has tons of advanced features that can make your life and work more convenient.

You can control the desk with your voice via an app with google assistant and Alexa. It’s not just music that you can command. We also love that you don’t have to exert effort in setting this baby up, it comes in all assembled.

Also, the cabinets and drawers can make work more fluid. The only downside is this desk has a rather low weight capacity.

Ergonofis Sway

Available sizes: 24” x 48”, 30” x 60”, 30” x 72”
Height range: 22”-48.3”
Weight capacity: 360 lbs

This is a more premium option fitted for those who need a more sturdy and progressive desk for a more massive home setup.

This is also a very aesthetic desk that can help put you in the mood to work. Not to mention, the construction is superb, and it is stable at all heights.

Instead of a paddle switch or a preset button, it has this integrated swipe function that you can access to change the height of the desk. Simply swipe your fingers over the desired height and you’re good to go.

It also has built-in storage spaces which can help clear the desk of any clutter.

Union & Scale Essentials Storage Standing Desk

Available Sizes: 47.2″ x 23.6″
Height range: 29.7”-46.3”
Weight capacity: 300 lbs

This is an entry-level basic standing desk but has more storage drawers for your convenience.

The drawers are also soft close, this prevents the shifting of the contents inside. So it is easy to ensure you have a more organized table, even in the inside of the drawers.

In terms of construction, it feels rather solid with its T shaped legs. This also ensures you get the same amount of stability in all parts of the desk.

Flexispot E7 T frame

Available sizes: from 26.7”x 23.4 to 74.8”
Height: 22”- 48.4”
Weight capacity: 355 lbs

This is a newer Flexispot desk that can replace your old one should you need a more robust and stable workstation. It is the more steady unit and doesn’t budge if you add external force.
It is also a well-designed desk.

It can look intimidating but it is very easy to set up. you will not need any help. It is also one of the more highly customizable units we have on this list. The width of the frames are also expandable, so it has slots of room for an upgrade in the future.

This is a desk you can use for the longer haul, especially if you see yourself expanding your workstation in the future.

The wider surface area and the available accessories can make it a more upgraded desk and very amenable to zoning.

Monomi Electric Standing Desk

Available sizes: 48” x 24”
Height: 28.3″ to 45.7″
Weight capacity: 208 lbs

It has industrial-grade frames that lend the unit its steady and stable construction. It may look like a basic entry-level desk, but it has a higher weight capacity than most desks in its tiering.

The motor and frames move very smoothly and quietly, there are no annoying sounds, and the desk transitions quite fast.

Tresanti 47” Standing desk

Available size: 25” x 47”
Height: 29.4” – 47”
Weight capacity: 100 lbs

This simple unit looks a lot like the Union and Scales sit-stand desk but elevates itself up a bit when it comes to aesthetics.

You can get it in a glass top so you can add a more luxurious touch to a basic and affordable bit. You don’t need to splurge a lot to get your hands on a more aesthetic desk.

However, this is still an entry-level unit that can provide a solution for those who just need a simple setup and a desk with a lower weight capacity.

With drawers and cabinets that are nicely built into the desk, you can ensure that you have a clutter-free workspace.

Titus Smart Desk by TTracing

Available size: 47” x 29.5”, 55”x 29.5”, 62.3” x 31”, 70” x31”
Height: 29.9” – 47.6”
Weight capacity: 176 lbs

This is another upgraded smart sit-stand desk that can complete your smart home. If it’s modern features, convenience, and a more sleek look you’re after, this is the bomb.

Though compared to the other smart desks we have on this list, this has a slightly gamey vibe to it. It even has a retractable headset holder that most gamers may fancy.

You can also tell even from afar that this desk is very stable, sturdy, and can last a long time.
This desk also offers options for extendable legs.

So should you need a wider area, you can still make use of your old desk. Just purchase the additional legs and you’re good to go.

We Also Tried These Standing Desks

This is our honorable mention list.

These desks can still provide solutions for some folks who work from home, it’s just that we did not love them too much for some reason.

Seville Classics airLIFT

This is a pretty perky and sleek-looking desk that is perfect for a minimalist setup. The surface area is decent, not too large so it can serve you well if you have a basic to moderate setup.

The tempered glass makes it ideal for jotting down notes so you also save on scratch papers. The best selling point of this unit is the smooth adjustment. We were pretty impressed by that.

But when it comes to stability, we wished it were a bit more steady when set at the max height.  

Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk by Herman Miller

This infamous standing desk has been a favorite of many.

Why not, it has this sleek style, a wide working area, and a beautiful tabletop to match. It also offers tons of customization options so you can cherry-pick the accessories.

But it does come at a higher cost. And most of the time, a steeply-priced desk is not the best idea when it comes to a WFH situation. It’s also not the most stable when used at the max height.

SHW standing desk

This is an entry-level unit for a very basic setup. It can be pretty stable when at the minimum setting, but it can shake when additional force is put into it.

Also, we wished it could offer more avenues to make a cleaner workstation or at least have storage spaces or cabinets to go with it. 

How We Tested These Standing Desks for WFH

Aside from being substantially stable, our parameters for this list included sit-stand desks that can offer more storage spaces or at least a decent number of built-in cabinets.  

So we had a team of testers with a minimalist setup, moderate to a busy workstation.

Even with a minimalist setup, it’s beneficial to at least have a single nook where you can put your pens and pencils in without them rolling to the floor. 

Make WFH work for you with a suitable standing desk

Working from home, despite lots of liberties, can also be challenging.

Getting that work mode on every single day is not that easy if you do not have a workspace that is conducive to working. And getting a decently stable desk is one of the fundamentals in setting up your very own home office.

Thus the need to get your hands on not just a desk that can fit into your home office, but one that can also help you resolve challenges encountered in a home environment.

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