13 Best Work-from-Home Gifts for all Budgets

All of us must know someone who works from home. If you’re thinking of the ideal gift for them, it has to be something practical. Things that they can use to upgrade their home office sounds like a good idea. 

Having a conducive setup at home can be a challenge for a lot of people. From the cost to the availability, it’s not easy to have everything that one needs. These gift ideas will make them more comfortable and productive. It’s time to make someone’s home office more conducive.

13 Best Work-from-Home Gifts for all Budgets this 2024

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  1. Mug with a built-in heater

Coffee is life. And it’s nice to have hot toasty coffee by the side of the table. And if you are working for longer hours, your cup of joe can get cold soon before you can enjoy it. While a microwave works for warming coffee, it can be inconvenient. It would be better if you could warm up your coffee without having to get off the desk right?

a coffee mug gift by mugs

You can source a handful of mug warmers online. Some may come with a separate base which you need a power source to connect it to. 

We’ve discovered something niftier. The Ember coffee mug warmer has a built-in warmer at the base of the mug. You can also control the temperature via your smartphone, you just need to connect it to an app. 

This makes it very easy to rewarm coffee just the way you like it. 

  1. Comfortable footrest

Working for longer hours can put a strain not just on the back but on the legs as well. too. Stretching out the legs will make working for longer hours more bearable. And you will need a nice cushy footrest for that. It can amp up the comfort level and can even add a few more inches of height so that the legs will not dangle from the seat. 

Comfortable footrest

Our favorite when it comes to softness is the footrest from Secretlab. It is made from memory foam so you get that nice softness and decent sink but you will feel supported at the same time. 

  1. Wireless charger

If you have seen a full desk setup, you know how many wires one has to organize. And a charger adds up to the mess. So why not give that person a wireless charge? It also looks very posh and they can charge their devices without having to worry about wires hanging from the table. It also makes up for a chic and clutter-free workspace. This can make one’s mind clear and be more focused at work. 

One of our top picks for wireless chargers is the Snap Native UIO 3-in-1. It looks minimalist and simple but with a hint of sophistication. It can level up anyone; ‘s desk setup, especially if they are going smart. 

  1. A nifty keypad

This is perfect if you have a friend or loved one in need of a keyboard replacement or upgrade. This is one of the things that suffers a lot of wear and tear when one is working at home. 

And if you; ‘re looking for more than just the basics, we suggest the Keychron Q1 Pro. This makes this satisfying clicking noise when you tap on the keypads. There is just something about that noise that makes working more enjoyable. It also has wireless connectivity and you can plug in 3 devices at the same time. 

  1. Task timer

While you may think of baking if you hear the word timer, this is a very useful tool for someone who tends to overwork at home. This enables that person to have better time management and a balance between work and life. 

We love the Zone Denmark analog timer. While this is primarily used for baking, it can also be placed on your desk and notify you if you’ve been working beyond 5 pm already.  

  1. Wireless headset

This is a great gift if you know someone who needs a headset upgrade. This can make Zoom meetings more comfortable and easier since there are no wires that can get in the way. 

We love the Jabra Evolve 65. Aside from the wireless functionality, the ear cushions are made from memory foam. This is perfect for longer meetings and can avoid that numbness in the ears. But this doesn’t come with a noise cancellation feature; it has more of the basic offerings. So if you need one that has a gifting budget to consider, the Anker Soundcore Life Q20 is a promising buy. This is worth considering if that person does not have a wireless headphone with a noise cancellation feature yet.

  1. Laptop desk

This is perfect if you know a friend or relative who can benefit from increasing the height of their laptops. Often, people who don’t have a standing desk yet will benefit the most from this gift. This will get them to get their monitors to a comfortable level with their eyes, hence maximizing productivity and seeing back and neck pain at the same time. 

May we suggest the Moft sit-stand desk. We picked it out of the sea of laptop desks because of its versatility and functionality. It can be used in four ways and is quite portable.  

  1. Coffee beans

Coffee is always a good gift idea, especially for those who work longer hours in front of their desk. Working at home takes one away from that nifty coffee shop you used to visit every break time. So a good old cup of homemade Joe is the next alternative. 

While you can still give them their favorite beans, you can explore options. Just get to know how they like their coffee. Do they want it light, roast, or extra roast?

And it’s always best to get freshly roasted beans, this will smell glorious in the morning. That invigorating aroma can perk up anyone and make them all geared up for work. 

  1. Webcam

A quality webcam can make Zoom meetings look even more professional. If that person needs a more professional webcam but you are on a budget, the Anker Powercon C 220 is a practical and suitable choice. You can get quality videos without having to go beyond your gifting budget.

  1. Ring Light

Zoom meetings are not an excuse to not look good! The right light would be a simple and easy way to make one appear more professional and confident in online meetings. Especially for those who do not have a dedicated home office where natural light can seep through, a ring light can work wonders. Even if one is working in the kitchen or dining area, it will not seem like a dim lonely nook.

  1. Smart Water bottle

You need to stay hydrated. And when you’re working at home, you tend to forget to take water breaks. While one can still drink from a standard water bottle, there is still a tendency to forget. That’s why a smart water bottle that can remind you when it’s time to take a sip is a unique gift for the forgetful. This connects to an app so you can set a schedule for when you should drink.  

  1. Plants

Fresh indoor plants can help a home office look more conducive. The color green can ease the eyes and can remove tiredness from looking at motors for a long time. There is a smorgasbord of indoor plants that can liven up anyone’s space. You can also opt for affordable mini plants in pots that can be conveniently placed on top of their desk. Just make sure to do your research. If they have pets, opt for nontoxic indoor plants that are pet-friendly. 

  1. Notepads

Even if we are in the digital age, old-school notepads are still very useful. There are still folks who find delight in writing down their to-do tasks on colorful pads and crossing out each accomplished task.  

These gifts can make them happy no matter what your budget is

Whether you can splurge or on a budget, you can find the perfect gift for that special person who works at home. These are all practical ideas that can help them upgrade or add improvement to their daily work at home.

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