WFH Jobs That Do Not Require a Laptop or Desktop

Without a laptop or desktop, is there any WFH job available to instantly join?

Typically there are three requirements to be able to successfully work from home. You will need a laptop or desktop, a reliable internet connection, and software that is necessary for the specific task or job.

But what if you do not own a laptop or a desktop nor do you have access to any of the two? Is it then impossible to be able to work remotely? Do not fret, there’s still hope. You can still earn moolah at home without a laptop or desktop. And here are job positions that might pique your interest. 

WFH Jobs that don’t require a laptop and desktop

And these are jobs too that you can do instantly and earn money. In lieu of desktops or laptops, you must use your handy mobile phone or a tablet. 

Social media posting

Social media has changed the way brands do marketing. With the proliferation of mobile phone use, everybody has quick access to everything online. Thus, it only makes sense that you can use your smartphone or tablet to post on social media.


From Facebook posts, Instagram reels, and stories to Tiktok, brands leverage these social media trends to reach a wider scope of audience and reel people to their social media pages and website, hence increasing traffic and sales.

Even with just your smartphone, you will be able to collaborate with influencers, create educational content, share user-generated content, optimize ad campaigns for stories, and show behind-the-scenes brand footage to connect with your audience. 

Influencer marketing

This is the in thing in marketing. In this digital age, influencer marketing is a very effective strategy that uses people figures to drive a brand’s message to its audience.

Not only do celebrities get to do this, but people who know their way around social media can take advantage of this and even get their meal tickets from here.

If you have a fairly large following and have a knack for creating stimulating content, this can be your dream job.

Mobile marketing makes this easy as you can do everything with just one device, your smartphone. Here are several things that this job entails.

You can create a couple of marketing campaigns directed around influencers to stir awareness. You can also research influencers that you are interested in and collaborate to have a greater reach or audience. 

Survey taker

Survey apps can help you earn money while filling out surveys. You can do this any time of the day, wherever and whenever for as long as you have access to your mobile phone. 

However, this might not be the most lucrative job since you must accomplish more surveys to reach a significant figure.  

Customer support agent

Several customer service apps allow you to work remotely from your mobile phone. 

A lot of search engines offer jobs that just require you to have access to a phone or tablet.

Playing games

Like answering surveys, this can be an income-generating hobby. Playing games in apps can help generate moolah. This can be a more lucrative arena compared to answering surveys, you just have to get into the right app and be a master gamer.

English tutor

Aside from access to mobile phones or tablets, you might need a teacher certificate, say TEFL, TESOL, or Teacher’s certificate.

Some companies also allow you to choose your schedule and work at a flexible time for as long as you complete a specific set of hours. 

App and website tester

There are app testing websites that can connect you to developers looking for people who can do testing and feedback on their products. This is a fun and chill way to earn additional income. 


With the proliferation of mobile phones comes more quality phone cameras. You can get high-quality photographs even with the use of just your smartphone. 


Some brands allow one to take beautiful photographs without commercial cameras.

Mystery shopper

Brands hire people who can help them gain more insight into their client experience. Job positions relevant to this can range from doing mystery shopping work, retail audits, QSR audits, safety checks, and just rating nearby stores.

Tech support

Companies do not necessarily require you to log into a computer to be able to do this. You can use live chat applications and activity tracking to work online and assist users with their queries. And these can be done efficiently on a smartphone

Content creator or blogger

This job position has been on the rise since the beginning of the pandemic. You also become your own boss if you embark on this career.  If you have a knack for creating stimulating content that can capture your preferred market, then this can be an avenue for growth and lucrative income.

Important things to consider 

These are some of the WFH jobs you can do with just a smartphone or tablet.


Even with the lack of laptops you can be very efficient in this.

A quarter of these job positions often require creativity and a great deal of understanding of your target audience. So these are ideal jobs if you are looking for avenues to pour your creative juices into. 

Also, a handful of these job positions require apps that you have to work with. So it pays a lot to do due diligence and search for legit and higher-paying apps that can help you earn more money 


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