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Surprisingly Comfortable Office Chairs for the Very Tall

And by very tall, we mean, 6’5″ people or possibly even higher.

Moving forward, if you are such, you need an office chair that can go high enough.

So you check the seat height, and the seat depth and opt for brands that offer more adjustable features. True enough, these are warranted. But we looked a bit more inside and found factors that can amp up the comfort level for taller people. 

And we’ve landed with this list. Let’s check these out.

Our Top Five Picks: Best Office Chair for Very Tall Folks

One of these chairs may be a solution to your long search. 

Herman Miller Mirra 2

Seat height range:18”-20.5”

Weight capacity: 350 lbs

Seat width:30”

Seat depth:16.75”-18”

We had to pick the Mirra 2 for a Herman Miller chair for this specific recommendation.

The backrest of this chair might not seem like it can go high enough for someone way taller than the average, but every specs of the chair seem to work for those with longer dimensions. 

You will not have your entire back laying flat against the backrest, but the way the chair was designed made it possible for taller folks to get sufficient support from a chair with a mid-high backrest. 


One unique feature of the Mirra that also makes one heck of a supportive chair even for taller people is its backrest. The butterfly-shaped backrest can be adjusted independently. If you need deeper support for one side of the body, this is perhaps what you should get.

It also has a handful of adjustable features that work well with one another.  Take note though that this is not a chair for bigger folks, the seat is quite narrow for those who have wider dimensions. 

BodyBilt Classic 3500 Series- High Back Executive Chair ( Big and Tall Seat)

You can get the chair in several sizes, but for 6’5” and above, this particular size  fairly works well. 

This is one of our faves when it comes to an office chair with a high backrest. The addition of the headrest also allows for more support for taller people like you. 

Fine-tuning is always welcome as it has several adjustable features that help you find the sweetest spot for your back and entire body.   The 10-Point Posture Control adjustments provide even more tools that allow you to optimize the chair and suit it to your level of support. And each feature works well with one another, not one bit is contradicting.

And oh, there are also air pockets in the seat. This can make this chair a bit more relaxing but supportive at the same time. It can help relieve pressure points on the butt and hips rather well. So yes, this can also be very comfy for longer hours of work and play.  

Choose this if one of your priorities is relieving pressure points from the butt and back. 

HAG Capisco

Seat height range: 18.5”- 25.7”

Weight capacity: 242 lbs

Seat width: 18”

Seat depth: 13.5”-17”

This may look like just a pretty little chair that taller folks might not find useful, but be prepared to be amazed. 

This uniquely designed chair has more to it than just the perky and creative aesthetic and design. This chair can be rather flexible, making it comfy enough even for those with longer dimensions.

Despite not having a backrest that can have your entire back supported,  this can help correct posture even for taller people. But you have to keep this in mind, this chair is made of movement. It is designed in a way that you can insert micro-movements or go from sitting to standing in a breeze. Or so, this is great for those who are practicing active sitting.  

You can easily move around, the chair pushes you into a more ergonomic position for the back and legs. 

You can also use the seat in two ways. One,  lean on the edge as you work on your standing desk. And two, you can lean your chest on the backrest and use it in the opposite direction.  Either way, you’d find it comfortable, the seat is shaped in a way that pushes your hips into a more ergonomic position.

Nightingale CXO Office Chair – 6200D

Weight capacity: 350 lbs

Seat width: 20”

Seat depth:19”-21.5”

If you are planning to do some catching-up on your deadlines, this is the chair you’d love to burn the midnight oil in. It can be used comfortably for longer hours with no pains or aches. Taller people over 6 feet can find a comfortable spot with this workhorse of a chair.

The seat is super comfortable, cushy, and supportive at the same time. Then the mash backtest is quite flexible and can also allow for mini movements, which is rather a crucial requirement if you plan on sitting in front of the desk for more than five hours can prevent strains and aches on the back, neck, and even legs. 

This chair is designed in a way when your back touches the hard plastic part it does not press too hard on the material. So if you are weary of the plastic frame possibly digging into your shoulders and creating pain, forget about that, it won’t. 

If you are also in the market for investment, this is a viable option. It does come with a fairly steep price. You’d know it;’s a piece of work as soon as you sit on the chair. You get that premium feel that you can not experience with midrange or budget-friendly options.

It also has tons of adjustable features that work well with one another, there isn’t any antagonistic player. You can fine-tune the chair to reach the optimum position for your needs.

KAB Executive

Weight capacity: 434 lbs

Seat width: 22”

Seat depth: 19”

If you need additional and more pronounced support for the back, this executive chair is for the books. The backrest is ribbed, thick, and softly cushioned. Every material used in this chair screams high quality.

This is an executive chair that is ergonomically designed to keep taller folks productive and comfortable even if they have to sit in front of the desk for longer hours.

If you favor a cushy and supportive chair, then this must be it. Both the seat and the headrest feel sublime and can satisfy those who need a little hug in a mug feel. 

Regarding the lower back part,  you get to enjoy a rather different type of lumbar support, it has more of an air-pumped type of back support. So you can inflate or deflate the lower back area to fit the firmness level according to your needs. 

This is also a big chair, so if you have wider dimensions, you’ll also find this a rather comfy seat.

The only nuisance may be that the arms can only be flipped up or down, you will not be able to change the height or the distance between the two arms.

Other Office Chairs That We Have Also Tried

Here are other chairs that can accommodate taller people. But we find it lacking since  these may be the most comfortable for those who are  from  6 feet to 6’4”.

BodyBilt Sola Lt Task Chair

This is another BodyBilt chair on this list. At first glance, it is a well-built task chair that can last for years. 

Compared to a myriad of task chairs on the market, this has more adjustable features and even tops other midrange office chairs. But if you have more requirements for depth and a more flexible backrest, this can be short of it.

Haworth Fern

The Fern is indeed one of the most flexible and intuitive chairs ever made. A more flexible seat and backrest can make a chair better for those with longer dimensions, the chair will be able to adjust to the level of support the user needs just by sitting on it.  But as per our trial, those who stand  until max of  6’3” will find the Fern a viable option.


Yorick big and tall 

This can be a more budget-friendly option for taller people, but it can only be so for those who stand a max of 6’2”. The chair is also rather spacious and those who are on the chunkier side will find it very pleasing.

Where We Stand

Picking a chair for very tall folks can be a feat. You have your usual requirement- the chair must be able to go high enough for your stature, from the backrest  to the seat and arms.

We considered those. Also, establishing a more ergonomic angle and position for the longer legs is quite crucial.

Your back must be well supported and your feet flat on the floor with your knees at 90 degrees. 

So while only high-back chairs may seem to satisfy these requirements,  this can be just the beginning. There’s more to it than just the height of the backrest. We have selections from our list that have mid-high and even a slightly low backrest. However, due to the way they were designed, these chairs are still able to offer a comfortable seating solution for taller people. even those who stand up to 6 ‘5″.


What to Look for: Buying Guide

This particular group of people might need to have a more thorough search in the market for a comfortable office chair, as not a lot can provide the liberties as the ones we have on this list. 

Set of customizable features

Having tons of adjustable features is one thing. But for a chair to be supportive of very tall people, all these features must complement each other. Not one should antagonize the other.  

Some of the chairs we have on this may not be the type you will instantly pick if you are way taller. But they are designed in a way to accommodate taller people. 

Flexible materials

Chairs that are flexible enough to adjust to the user’s needs are one of the more comfortable options for a lot of people. Thus, if you are very tall, you should also keep this in mind. But you do have to weigh it in versus the other crucial components. One of which is this, can it go high enough for you to be able to sit ergonomically with your feet on the floor and not have your knee going beyond your feet?

How We Tested

Our team, composed of very tall individuals 6’5” challenged, put these chairs to the test. Of course, we had to initially choose from a sea of office chairs that are marketed as such, so we had to look at the more common requirements, the seat height range, the adjustable seat depth, and lumbar support. 

But we had to go beyond and look for the most comfortable options that can enable taller users to sit on these for more than 5 hours, thus coming up with our top five choices.  

These Chairs Can Come as a Surprise But They Do Work

We’ve chosen some tall chairs that may be far off from what you’d think will be comfortable for 6’5” dude. But the way these chairs were made, designed, and put together resulted in a comfortable and ergonomic chair  very tall people would love to sit in even for longer hours.

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