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What Does it Take to Be a Social Media Manager?

This field is rather a welcoming one. While some brands may require a specific degree, say in marketing or a PR field, many may not demand one to attain a particular degree to land a job as a social media manager. But you do have to possess certain skills and qualifications.

So if you want to pursue a career in social media management, here are the qualities you should possess, develop, and hone. Let’s also take a look at what the job calls out for so you can ascertain if you are equipped with such capabilities. 

What this job entails

Here are the day-to-day tasks that you should be looking forward to.

This is one of the primary roles of a social media manager. You will be curating a social media calendar regularly. So you have to update the brand’s social media platform. From Facebook, and Instagram to Twitter, you will post both written and visual content for all of the brand’s platforms.   socialmedia-manager2

What skills does this require

Curating content for all the brand’s social media platforms will help increase the brand’s presence online.  That’s why you have to be able to create engaging and creative content that can pique the interest of the readers. This should make them want to engage with the brand regularly.

Having basic writing skills is only one part, you should also be creative and witty so you can create posts that can stand out from the competition, you have to have the ability to somewhat make things go viral. 

Since creating visual content is also one of the requirements, this also means that you might have basic editing and graphic design skills.

However, some brands don’t necessarily require a social media manager to edit and create visual posts. Some may have a team composed of marketing perps, social media managers, graphic designers, and the like.  If this is the case you will be collaborating with the responsible people to create relevant visual posts.


You then have to be able to communicate about images, videos, and infographics with the team. You must be able to envision and articulate the business for strategic reasons. 

Increase followers and  drive engagement

Social media managers are expected to increase the brand’s presence in the digital world. Thus, increasing followers and driving engagement from both old and new clients are key activities. 

To do this, you must  be able to create social media campaigns that align with the basic ideas, mission, and goals of the brand.

What skills does this require

You should be able to create not just original and interesting content, you should also be able to create these in a timely manner. Having an effective strategy will help you to do this. 

You also need to engage with potential customers and check online for any brand mentions and client feedback. 

Answering queries promptly is very essential.

Track trends in social media

Social media managers must be up-to-date and attuned with the latest trends. This will help them curate an effective strategy that aligns with the brand’s goals. One should be able to use analytic tools and reports, gather and analyze data, and report recommendations to stakeholders and the brand.


What skills does this require?

Thus, it is essential to be knowledgeable on how to use social media analytical tools. You must be able to have a deeper understanding of how to use these to the brand’s advantage. Trends and social media algorithms are fast evolving, so you must be on your toes with this one.

Different social media platforms have their respective characteristics. Meta, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube have different strengths, weaknesses, and demographics. So you should be able to have a thorough understanding of each.

Writing and editing posts

In line with creating witty and timely content, you’ll be writing and editing social media posts relevant to these. What skills does this require?

While not all brands may require one to be an exceptional writer, it is essential to develop your writing and proofreading skills. So whether you’re just drafting, editing, or curating a written or visual post, this must go beyond grammar. 

You have to be able to write content that mimics the voice of the brand.   If you’re working with a team, you must be able to edit their work alongside and ensure it is aligned with what the brand requires and needs.

Having a keen eye for detail is also one of the qualities that you must possess and develop along the way. 

This is  a very timely job

Algorithm and social media trends evolve fast, that’s why this is really a growing field. The demand for social media skills is also increasing as we speak. So venturing into this field is quite timely and can even be lucrative

While many brands are seeking social media persons with managerial experience, you can still explore this arena by joining a team. Some social media internships can help you build your portfolio along the way.

Making an online portfolio is an essential tool that can showcase your talents and skills and make brands notice you. 

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