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What are the Visible Physical Benefits of an Exercise Bike?

Cycling, even when done on a stationary bike, has a ton of benefits for your body.

Not only do you get that rush of endorphins that can make you perky the whole day. It also has amazing benefits for your physique, things that you can visibly see in the mirror too. 

So start to get all jumpy cause these are what you’re getting every time you ride your bike.

Expect total body transformation

Regular cardio activities such as biking can improve your heart and lung health. You’ll notice that your heart starts to beat faster and your breath deeper.

This routine can help strengthen the heart’s ability to pump blood and also help the lungs become more efficient in oxygen exchange.

Keeping your heart health in optimum shape can ensure that you keep all your lipid profile in check including your blood pressure, triglycerides, and cholesterol levels. And there’s more to it

With regular routine on your exercise bike, you can see visible changes in your body. You also start to feel more confident.

Let’s dive into each good thing.

Weight and fat loss

We’re not just speaking of losing a few more extra inches off the scale, we’re speaking of losing unhealthy fats from all the areas of your body.


Biking, among brisk walking and running, are simple yet effective aerobic exercises that can help you burn more calories, and thus burn more unhealthy fats. 

Aerobics exercises are king when it comes to fat loss.

These are movements that require your body to utilize larger muscle groups in rhythmic repetitive motions.

This helps you reach your max fat-burning zone, thus resulting in efficient fat burn.

Biking involves the use of the largest muscle of the body, the legs. This can help you maximize fat loss more than working out your upper body alone. 

Strengthens and tones your muscles

This, especially your lower body. And depending on whether you add resistance to these, you can also use your stationary bike to tone your thighs, butt, calves, and hips. 

When you’re pedaling on your bike, you engage all of these muscles. And if your bike has handlebars, you can also tone ‘em flabby arms.

This routine also strengthens the muscles. You gain more lean mass as you tone them. This eventually led to improved muscular strength and endurance. 

Two movements are used when you ride your bike, the push and pull motion. Pushing onto the pedal works on the quads while pulling strengthens the hamstrings.

You also work on the surrounding muscles of the legs. So really,  it is pretty much a full lower-body workout.

It works on the core a lot thus improving posture

Biking is also a fun and less stressful way to strengthen your core.

The proper cycling form, which you’ll eventually learn to adapt, activates your torso and back. This also engages the core a lot.

And when you’ve got a strong and tight core, you don’t have to worry about your posture.

So this is also a neck and back-friendly alternative to doing crunches.

It Improves your balance and coordination

Much like dancing, biking involves rhythmic movements, continuous rhythmic movements that is.

This motion helps improve your coordination skills a lot. You need bilateral coordination to be able to pedal successfully.

This improved coordination can also help you be better at any physical activity or most sports.

You also have to be in an upright stable position when you’re biking. And you will be able to maintain this stable post even when you are off the bike.

Boosts mood and energy, and people will notice it


Let’s tap on the endorphins one more time. A good cardio exercise can release endorphins, the happy hormone. 

This can help elevate and improve your mood. You’ll be surprised at how happy and stress-free you can be with regular bike exercise. It will show up in your demeanor. 

This safer cardio routine can help you get the body you want


exercisebike3Since you are indoors, there is almost no risk of bumping into something or someone.

It is also more convenient since bad weather or extreme outside temperatures will not hinder you from finishing that 5 mile bike.

And since it does not squash your joints and is a more knee-friendly cardio exercise, it’s easier to stick to a regular indoor bike routine.

Exercise bikes can help your overall health a lot. Not to mention, you’ll have  have a rocking body to match it with.

So what’s stopping you?  


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