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Exercises Bike Brand: Peloton vs NordicTrack

These two bike brands can elevate your biking experience indoors and are both high quality bikes. But one will be more suitable for your needs.

Let’s compare these two bad boys. 

Room for Customization 

When it comes to having a more personalized fitness program, we have to say that Peloton is king.  It boasts 100 micro adjustable levels. This means that you can not only choose your riding experience, you can cherry-pick it, paving the way for a very customized exercise program.

You can also enjoy variety with the NordicTrack. It has 24 levels of resistance that are easily displayed on the screen.

This is a pretty good bike that can add variety to your daily riding routine. But if we compare it to the array Peloton is offering at hand, it does not come as close. 


Also, you can get a more immersive training option with the Peloton. NordicTrack comes with an automatic tension control. But if you’re going to ride on a Peloton bike, it has featured live on-demand classes.

The trainer will be the one to set the level of resistance where it is needed depending on the type of workout that you are doing. This will make it seem like you have your own personal trainer at home. 

The downside of this, however, is that the resistance level can sometimes be a little too challenging and overwhelming, given that you might not be at the same fitness level as the instructor. It does open up more avenues for growth. Despite that, it can still be a progressive choice for beginners who want to improve their stamina and cardiovascular endurance.  

In case you find that too overbearing, you can always override that and go for the manual adjustment instead. 

Which is the more adjustable bike? 

While Peloton offers more variation to your riding regimen, NordicTrack might be able to accommodate more people of varying heights.

In terms of adjustability, you can find a wider range with NordicTrack.

The seats can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. the Peloton on the other hand can only be adjusted vertically.  So this might limit the number of people who can conveniently use Peloton bikes. 

Which has better pedals?

Let’s look at one of the more crucial components of a stationary bike, the pedals. Which of these two brands may have a better one?

It seems that NordicTrack may have won this area. It is equipped with hybrid pedals, one with SPC and the other side has adjustable toe cages. This makes it easier to use any type of cross-training shoes. 

Peloton, on the other hand, has “look delta” pedals that would require a more specific type of cross-training shoes. Though you always have the option to outfit your Peloton bike with  different set of more accommodating pedals, the cost will be on you

The NordicTrack bikes will allow for more variety of shoes, so more people might find them sensible to use.  

Which is a more stable option?

When we speak of stability, we have to consider the flywheel of a stationary bike. Those with more flywheels often provide more stability to the rider. 

Let’s take a look at this feature closely. Peloton has a 38 lbs flywheel while NordicTrack is equipped with a 32 lbs flywheel. This is a small difference of 6 lbs. Surprisingly, this doesn’t make the NordicTrack any less stable than the Peloton

In our riding experience, we have the same smooth and steady ride on both bikes. The difference in the flywheel went unnoticed.

In terms of the overall robustness of the bikes, we are quite torn. 

It is made of an impressively strong material, carbon steel, it did not budge in any way and you can feel the premium materials while you’re on it, it felt like riding on a more expensive bike so to speak. 

But we have to inject a big but here, the pedals of the Peloton made the bike less steady.  It is made of aluminum and can break with wear and tear. Pedals are subject to overuse and the aluminum pedals did not seem to meet with the robustness of the entire bike.

NordicTrack bikes are made of steel, the brand mentioned premium but there’s viable information on this.

But it doesn’t quite feel like premium. You will be able to tell the difference if you just rode on a Peloton, it will feel a tad more flimsy and just less expensive. But when it comes to the pedals, NordicTrack clearly gave more thought to this. The pedals are more durable.

Convenience and display

In this department, both bikes have pretty much the same leverage when it comes to the tech and modern conveniences. You can get a WiFi Bluetooth connection, synching to fitness trackers, and access to respective fitness apps.  

Display-wise, you cannot go wrong with both. Go for a NordicTrack S221 and get that luxurious 22” HD touchscreen that can rotate to 360 degrees. Opt for the Peloton bike and enjoy the 21” touchscreen that can swivel and fully rotate. It’s a tad bit smaller than the NordicTrack bike but it will be able to fully swivel and rotate. So pick on any and you’re still going to enjoy an immersive experience. 

Both bikes are also built with modern conveniences that can make your ride a more pleasant one. You have the dual water bottle holder, cellphone holder, rack on the side, and charging ports.  

NordicTrack Vs Peloton: Which will better suit you?

Here is another factor that can be a key in your ultimate decision-making.

Peloton offers a more indoor studio-like workout and more options to change the resistance levels and access to a fitness instructor. 

This creates more of a studio-type, indoor riding experience. Riding programs in Peloton can be quite the catch and can offer high quality training. But this can lack an incline and a decline function. 


Those who want to recreate more of an outdoor training will find   NordicTrack more applicable. A decline and incline can add challenge to your routine, but they can come at an additional cost,   you have to pay to get them on your NordicTrack bikes. But this can take you to a whole new level of indoor cycling, it can mimic the uphill and downhill terrains outside.  This can also be great training for the lower body.  Plus the pedals are built for more robust and rigid training, which will be able to last more ear and tear. 

Also, NordicTrack seems to be a more viable option given that you can use any type of cross-training shoes, so this is also an important thing to consider. 


But if you love Peloton content and are okay with using more specific shoes, then only Peloton will do for you. 

One will give you more value for your money

Also, NordicTrack offers a more lengthy warranty for the bike frames and other components. Though both are high-quality bikes and the price range is not too far-fetched from each other. So the choice lies between what type of training you are going to do. 

It might also come down to what type of motivation works for you.  If you can be motivated on your own, NordicTrack can be a more viable choice. bike. It gives you more control over the resistance so you can be your own trainer. 

But if you benefit from more pushy training, Peloton can be key to your success. Though you can always override the automatic adjustment,  then again, this is one of the essence of riding on a Peloton bike, the pushy trainer.  


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