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Best Gaming Chairs for Try-Hard Gamers Who Love to Win

The perfect gaming chair for serious gamers like you needs to have more than just the standard comforts. It should be very comfortable,  and very accommodating, and can make you last longer in front of the monitor.  

Thus we made this list to cater to this specific need. 

These gaming chairs make you more productive and can eliminate the discomforts one experiences if they’ve been sitting for a long time.

Our Top Picks: Best Gaming Chairs for the Wickedly Hardworking Gamers 

Continue to rock the screen from dusk till dawn.

These gaming chairs can make you the most comfortable all day long. 

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 (XL)

Weight capacity:395 lbs

Seat depth: 19.3”

Seat height range: 18.9-21.9”

Seat width: 22”

Recline: up to 165 degrees

The overall dimensions of this gaming chair is quite welcoming for those who have larger dimensions.

Even gamers with average builds will also find it comfortable,  roomy, and wide. This makes the  Titan pretty much a comfy haven for a lot of gamers. It also has three different sizes, so XL gamers can find a chair that suits their needs. 

It has tons of adjustable features that can help gamers find the sweetest spot for an intense gaming session. You might not want to get off the chair and will not mind playing from dusk till dawn. 

It’s also a pretty firm chair and will discourage you from slouching, thus can help prevent and heal lower back pain. That can be a typical problem for hard gamers.


The price may run a bit steep, but you’re going to experience sublime comfort and support.

Corsair TC100 Relaxed

Weight capacity: 264 lbs

Seat depth: 19.6”

Seat height range: 17”-21.6”

Seat width: 21.2”

Recline: 90 to 160 degrees

This is a more affordable unit that you can also find amenable to longer hours of gaming. It does not have that steep price but it’s still made of premium materials and insanely comfortable, especially for the back and the tush.

This presents a more hug-in-a-mug sensation. You’d instantly recognize that comforting envelope once you sit on the chair. You’ll know what we’re talking about. 

The seat is also pretty wide, so if you have wider dimensions, this is also a welcoming chair.

Keep in mind though that this may lack that firm support some people may find endearing. This is for you if you favor a more soft and cuddly seating option. Though you can still feel that ample support for the back, neck and butt. 

Razer Fujin Pro

Weight capacity: 299 lbs

Recline: up to 130 degrees

This is a gaming chair that has no dedicated lumbar support system. But despite that, the chair feels immensely supportive and comfortable.

And with the steep price tag, you can expect nothing but premium materials.  This can be an upgrade or an investment for the elite gamers too.  

It has that mesh backrest that contours your back. It molds itself very well and is also quite flexible so you can still feel quite supported despite the chair lacking an independent lumbar support system. 

The caveats too, there is incomplete information on the dimensions of the chair available online.

Logitech G X Herman Miller Embody

Weight capacity: 300 lbs

Seat depth: 15”-18”

Seat height : 16”-20.5”

Seat width: 29.4”

This is another premium option that is very suitable for both gaming and work. It can keep you comfortable and be more productive even if you’ve been sitting for more than eight hours.

You can easily make micro-movements in this chair, which is essential to break the redundancy of sitting. 

The chair has a subtle gamey vibe, but it leans more to the classy and sophisticated gaming chair options. 

You can sit on the chair for the entire day but you will not find any sign of discomfort or whatever especially in your tush. 

You may also shift positions easily  and the chair will be very welcoming. Keep in mind though that it may lack a full recline function but you can tilt the backrest a bit.


AndaSeat Kaiser 3

Weight capacity: 260 lbs

Seat depth: 18.31”

Seat height range: 17.52″-20.08″

Seat width: 20.67″

Recline: 90 to 165 degrees

Featuring a much wider seat and a longer backrest, this is a very accommodating and comfortable chair for a lot of hardworking gamers. 

The seat is also quite soft and plush, so if you want a hug in a mug feel, this is highly recommended. 

This is also a highly ergonomic gaming chair that boasts a lot of options to fine-tune the chair to be in the most comfortable position yet. Lumbar support is very adjustable and comfortable. 

Noblechairs Icon

Weight capacity: 330 lbs

Seat depth: 19.3″

Seat height range: 18.9-22.8″

Set width: 20.1″

Recline: 90 to 135 degrees

This is a regal gaming chair for those who love genuine leather. You will fall in love with how it looks and feels.

Beneath the leather lies high-quality cold foam that ends as a very soft, comforting,  and supportive haven for both your butt and your back. It has a nice blend of support and comfort. 

It is also very adjustable and has a nice stable recline gamers would love to snooze in. You might even snooze in it. 

Corsair TC200 Gaming Chair

Weight capacity: 268 lbs

Seat depth: 17.9”

Seat height range: 18.5”-23.3”

Seat width: 15.6”

Recline: 90 to  180 degrees

This is a perfect gaming chair if a recline function is one of your priorities. You can lean far back and give yourself a well-deserved stretch while feeling very supported. It has this 180-degree recline that can be a tempting spot for a nap. 

The construction is very strong and stable even if you spend the whole day on a recline it will not budge and can support the marketed max capacity. 

Edge GX1 

Weight capacity: 300 lbs

Seat height range: 18.8”-23.2”

This is a highly customizable gaming chair that boasts a gravity-driven tilt mechanism.  It can be quite expensive and the controls can be a bit confusing. But once you get the hang of it, this is one of the most comfortable personalized gaming chairs that you can ever sit on. 

It has a unique asynchronous gravity-driven tilt mechanism that allows gamers to frequently change position without the need to use controls.

It depends on the weight of the gamer so you can expect a more specialized approach to your comfort without the need to tinker the options.

We also love the unique adjustable lumbar support, you can add more depth or cushion to it by using the pump located under the seat. No need for additional pillows that is.

The seat is made of memory foam. Though the area around the butt is firmer and becomes softer as it nears the tailbone. This can help prevent pain in the tailbone associated with prolonged sitting. 

The material is also very unique, it is very smooth and soft to the touch, stays cool in the summer but keeps warm in the winter. It is also highly breathable.

Caveats is, there is little and incomplete information on the details specs and dimensions of the brand online. 

AndaSeat Dark Demon

Weight capacity: 330 lbs

Seat depth: 19.3″

Seat height range: 18.9-22.8″

Seat width: 20.1″

Recline: 90 to 135 degrees

It may have an understated minimalist design with the standard bucket-style seat most gaming chairs are equipped with. But this can prove itself a notch higher and most will find it very comfy and supportive at the same time. 

Not only is it built wide and higher, but it is also clad inside with layers of memory foam. So you get those soft and supportive layers that one will find very soft on the butt and the back. 

Vertagear PL4800

Weight capacity: 360 lbs

Seat depth: 17.7”

Seat height range: 18.7’-21.7”

Seat width: 21.5”

Recline: 80 – 140 degrees

This is a more affordable take on a comfy gaming chair you can use for longer hours. One of the best selling points of this chair is the custom HygeneX fabric. 

It prevents the build-up of heat, moisture, or strong smells. So you’d still feel clean and fresh even if you’ve been battling for hours on end. And oh, it has memory foam inside, so it will be supportive for the back and the tush. 

The adaptive lumbar support is another key feature, but not all will find this endearing and the comfort can be quite subjective.

Gaming Chairs We Also Tested

These are also gaming chairs that caught our attention but felt kind of short of.

Vertagear SL5800

This is a highly adorable gaming chair that can please you if you still love that old-fashioned bucket-style seat.

The ergonomic features work well with one another, not to mention it will not eat a hole in your pocket.

But this does lack back support and the lumbar is not adjustable nor is it able to follow the user’s movements. But the backrest is shaped like the spine, so some folks might still find this a comfortable option. 

E Win Champion

This has a soft and smooth material that those who love cushy comfort will love. This can maintain its coolness even in the heat of the summer, you’ll love how airy this chair feels all year round.  

However, when it comes to back support, it is not that aggressive. So those who want a more pronounced back support may find this lacking. 

AutoFull C3

We also tried this gaming chair and are pretty happy with the impressive recline function. It can go far back but still feel very steady and stable.

However, the lack of a noticeable lumbar support system made it fall from the cut. 

Where We Stand 

After testing 10 gaming chairs and taking our chance with some honorable mentions,  we have concluded that the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 is our best overall.


It can cater to more users regardless of size and shape. The chair is very supportive, highly ergonomic, and comfortable. It can also recline rather well. 

But we are going to update this list whenever a suitable contender comes up. 

What to Look For: Buying Guide

Gaming for hours can be fun and can put a toll on your back and butt.

Sitting on the wrong chair can result in backache and body pains. So even a fun activity warrants a more supportive chair.

And here is how we chose the best gaming chairs on this list.

Healthy blend of comfort and support

Though subjective, most gamers will favor a gaming chair that has a healthy blend of support and comfort. You’ll find a blend of soft and supportive chairs, and firm and supportive options on our list. 

Ample Back support

Be it for work or play, back support is paramount to comfort. This can make one last longer in front of the monitors.  

Back pain can extend to the neck up and the legs down. It can hurt the entire body. This will also prevent one from getting all cozy enough to be able to play for longer hours.

Sturdy construction and impressive recline

We have a combination of steeply-priced chairs and more affordable ones on this list. But one thing they have in common is the sturdy construction.  This can make a chair worth your investment and have a more steady recline.

It can help you to feel more safe and supported in the chair even if you are reclined further back.

How We Tested These Chairs

To complete our list of the best gaming chairs for try-hard players, we tested these chairs over one month. Our gamers played from dusk till dawn to ensure we got the most comfortable chairs on our list.

Supportive even when you’re moving a lot

We had our gamers shift positions a lot during the entire testing period. This can ensure that the chairs we have on this list are amenable to micro-movements, which can help prevent back pain and make you more productive.

Comfortable for longer hours of sitting

Our testers consisted of two groups. One favors a soft and supportive abode while the other group prefers a firmer and supportive chair. We made sure to include chairs that cater to these two different categories. 

Ergonomic features that complement one another

These adjustable features must work well with each other and not contradict them. We’re not just after a chair that has tons of adjustable features.

They must also complement one another and they must not be merely for decoration or just to claim a chair is highly adjustable. 

Gaming Chairs That Can Make you Win

We have picked gaming chairs that offer the most impressive comfort for your back, legs, and entire body.

With being more comfortable comes more chances to last longer in the chair. It can make you very comfortable so winning will be of no question.

And even with subjective preferences, you can find one that can suit your needs if you’re looking for a mesh, dense poly foam, or memory foam chair. 

Sure gaming can be fun, but if you’re a try-hard gamer, it’s akin to work, thus the need for a very supportive and comfortable gaming chair.


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