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What are the Best Standing Desk European brands?

Some of these brands may not be that easy to come by, but they pretty much ship to the USA. 

European desks stand out with their robust frame and impressive craftsmanship. These have simple yet functional and charming designs aka Scandinavian.

So let’s see five of the best European-made sit stand desks that can make your home office stand out.  

Our Top Five European-Made Standing Desk

And here are the handful of gorgeous Nordic Scandinavian standing desks that tickled our fancy.

Flomotion Sisu 

Height range: 23.4”- 49”

Weight capacity: 352 lbs

Warranty: 10 years 

Available sizes: standard width: 52”-76”, compact width: 38”-50”

depth: 24”-39”

This is a gorgeous piece of furniture, there’s no denying that. 

The operation is very smooth, fairly fast, and quiet at the same time. This brand offers lots of possibilities. You can mix and match the robust thicker frames with a variety of wooden tabletops, all equally beautiful. We opted for the reclaimed Sisu wood and it looks divine in any home office. 

It has a higher weight capacity and you’ll make no mistake, this baby is built like a tank. There is no swaying, rocking, or any kind of movement even if you max out the weight capacity of the desk. 

Moll T7

Height range: 22”- 46.4”

Weight capacity: 264 lbs

Warranty: 5 years

Available sizes: 45”x 29.5”, 59” x 29.5”

Even at first glance, you can tell that a lot of thought was involved in making this standing desk. It looks very stylish, regal, and built like a tank.  This will also suffice your fancy if you dream of working at a clutter-free desk and abhor the sight of hanging wires and cables. It is built to satisfy those who are very organized.

There is only one main lead that powers up both the desk and its peripherals, leading to a very neat and clutter-free desk

It has a hidden rear draw that houses the power strip, away from anyone’s sight. Then at the front, you’ll see a very stylish and functional slide drawer that is quite deep. Aside from pens and paper, you can organize more. 

The download is. it lacks a programmable height preset and even if you have extra moolah, there is no option to outfit your desk with one. Considering the premium price of this bad boy, this can be a deal breaker for some. 

The transitioning, on the other hand, is smooth as butter and can instantly charm those who are looking for a very stable and steady standing desk even at the max height. 

Maidesite S2 PRO

Height range: 24.4”-50”

Weight capacity: 231.5 lbs

Warranty: 10 years

Available sizes: 55”x 27.5”

Sleek and offers a wider working area, that’s the first thing you’d notice with this desk. The rounded corners add a stylish touch to the desk and make it stand out from a sea of white standing desks. 

It’s easy to set up too. Once you have assembled it, you can quickly see how smooth, study, and stable this desk is. We didn’t notice any lag whatsoever. The touchscreen is quite responsive and there is almost no lag. 

It’s a well-made desk that you’ll love to have in your home office. If you have the space for a bigger desk, this can be a nice upgrade. But if you’re looking for a sit-stand desk with more features or capabilities, then this might not be a good fit. It’s more of a basic functioning electric standing desk, only made prettier and more robust, hence the higher price tag. 

Friska Stockholm

Height range: 24.41”-51”

Weight capacity: 260 lbs

Warranty: 10 years

Available sizes: 47.24”x 27.56”

This is a nice desk to have if you like yours a bit more personalized. It has tons of options for customization so you can get the desk with the works. What’s even lovelier is that this comes with a fairly reasonable price. You can add the features that you need and even want without having to stretch your budget too much.


This desk looks very modern. Though not as regal or sleek as our other options above, this has more of a contemporary style. So it can fit in the home office and corporate setting too.

The build is quite impressive too. For the price, the desk is steady, strong, and robust. There are no lags, no rocking. this desk will not budge. It also quickly transitions, and even if you have the top of the desk all cramped up with things,  and equipment,  it will stay in place even if it moves fairly fast. 

The problem is that the setup can be quite cumbersome if you don’t have the patience, it can be quite tricky. The manual is kind of difficult to comprehend. 

Uberdesk PRO by Buldesk

Height range: 25”-51”

Weight capacity: 352 lbs

Warranty: 10 years

Available sizes: 24”x 47”, 31” x 71”

With a higher weight limit, this is a strong option that is suitable for multiple monitor setups. From the motors to the tabletop, to the legs, you can tell that this is made for the bigger leagues. The desk also moves and transitions pretty fast.

It also offers tons of options for customization. So you can set up the dream desk for your home office. Despite the robustness, the tabletop is quite sleek, but the legs do look a bit chunkier compared to the desktop. The T-shaped legs are very fitting for holding bigger and heavier equipment.  This is when you know it really means serious business.

EU made Standing Desks that We Also Tested

We also did a bit of burning the midnight oil in this desk. It may or may not be  a good fit for you, but it ran short of our expectations. 

Yassa Desk Pro 2

This honorable mention does scream Scandinavian. The controls or the memory preset is integrated into the desk itself, making up for a more compact and sleek desk that you can squeeze in your home office. 

It is, yes, stable and steady, but it has a lower weight capacity that might not indulge a moderate to a busy workstation. But if you’re looking for something perfect for a light load, then this is a great choice. 

Where We Stand

Number one of course, this has to be made in Europe. But there are other factors that we considered.

It should have that charming Scandinavian style  that screams simplicity. Though there are desks that can also sport this type of design, this has to be legitimately Nordic, meaning it is functional at the same time. 


We also opted for units that are not just robust, it must be able to accommodate a busier setup. 

What To Look For : Buyer’s Guide

Let’s run this list down a bit, some are already a given.

You have to go beyond that made in Europe tag and that Nordic style that has been stealing the limelight for years already. It has to be legitimately Nordic. 

From the legs, the frames, the tabletop, to the accessories, a lot of thought should go in making these components. Even the tiniest details can add a lot of charm to a minimalist desk. 

The way that drawer slides effortlessly in and out and how the brands curated  a clutter free yet functional working space that all adds up to adding zen to a busy workday.

How We Tested

As mentioned above, we burned the midnight oil on these desks to see if they can withstand wear and tear. Will there still be no noise even if we are moving the desk in the wee hours of the morning? 

They did impressively pass the test and not to mention, these bad boys just lookie divine in the home office, especially with the ray of sunshine  seeping through  the window pane in the morning. 

Desks that can stand the test of time


EU desks have robust and sturdy built, you cannot go wrong with almost any brand. Careful thought and  impressive craftsmanship go in making each desk.

That’s also one of the reasons for the steep tag, though we also have one or two desks that can fit in a not so high budget. 


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