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How do You Find the Best Coffee Maker for You? And Enjoy Every Single Cup

You’ll often hear the phrase, what suits your needs is the best coffee maker you should buy.

It all makes sense, but how do you really know which one can help you whip up your favorite cup of Joe? 

So we’re here to help you pick up the perfect liquid gold machine that can perk up your mornings.

Different Types of Coffee Maker

Ultimately, the best coffee machine should suit your preferred way to brew and drink coffee. And you will be able to tell that only if you familiarize yourself with each type of coffee maker.

By then, you will know how each one works and which one can give you exactly what you need.

Single-serve capsule coffee maker


This is a gold mine for those who are always on the go and badly need a cup of coffee. 

If you are familiar with Keurig, this is one of the brands that first introduced this concept.  

It’s like a smarter way to make yourself a cup of Joe. With just a touch of a button, you will be able to savor that invigorating smell every morning. 

It uses the same method as drip coffee but in a less sophisticated manner.

The coffee is pre-ground and pumped into a pod. All you have to do is put the pod into the coffee chamber, preset how much hot water you want, and press the button. Just wait for a few minutes and you can enjoy your hot cup of coffee.

So this is best suited for those who are in a rush and don’t mind a mediocre cup of coffee and oh, it’s more trash or throw.  

French Press

This type gives you the liberty to control how strong of a coffee you want to make.

Coffee grounds are gently steeped in just-boiled water. The longer you steep the coffee, the stronger the flavor becomes.

Letting the coffee grounds settle for 4 minutes can give you a full-bodied cup.

It might take some time to steep, but this is the least complicated yet efficient way to bring out the flavor of high-quality coffee beans. 

Cold brew coffee maker

If you like your coffee on the rocks, this is the way to go. 

Just brewed coffee is poured over ice. This method does not require additional heat, so it can retain a full-bodied aroma and taste. 

This method entails a lot of patience, you need to pre-prep. Ground coffee beans are steeped in room temperature or cold water for 24 hours.

The product can be stored in the fridge until it’s ready to be poured over ice. So if you want a full-bodied cold cup of coffee, this is highly recommended. 

Espresso coffee maker

Three types of coffee machines fall under this category, manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic.

Manual espresso coffee makers are for the coffee aficionados who want to have full control over how their coffee turns out.

You can control the tamping, the water flow, and the pressure. This is espresso coffee made from scratch.

Those who are very particular with how their espresso tastes will always favor the manual machine.

It may require more time and effort, but it’s espresso coffee that fits every seam of your fancy.  

Semi-automatic coffee makers only allow you to control how much water to use, but you can’t change the pressure. Often, if you fancy an Americano, this can be a less complicated way to make yourself one. 


And lastly, with automatic coffee makers, you can’t control any variables. These are perfect for those who don’t have liberty of time in the morning but want a more full-bodied espresso that tastes richer than one you can make in a capsule.

Stovetop coffee makers

This is an old-fashioned way of making coffee, straight from the stovetop. You’ll use what is called a Moka pot, it can make a very strong and full-bodied brew that is almost the same as espresso.

It can make a dark cup of coffee that can be utilized as a base for cappuccinos and lattes. 

It does require expertise to make, if you’re not too careful, you can scorch or burn the coffee.

Percolator coffee maker

There are two types of percolators, one is used on top of the stove and another is an electric version. The method can create coffee with very robust notes and a strong aroma.

A percolator has two essential parts, the chamber where the water is being held and the tube inside the chamber where the water travels.

Hot water repeatedly travels through the tube until it saturates the coffee grounds. This can take some time and went out of fashion when drip coffee makers were invented. 

But those who like their coffee really hot and full-bodied at the same time still take time to use an old-fashioned percolator. This can also keep your coffee hotter for a longer period.  

Drip coffee maker

This is perhaps the more popular way to make coffee at home. It can help you transform your favorite beans into a cup of coffee.

You can still enjoy stronger coffee with a less complicated machine that takes up less time. Water automatically drips into the heating tube. The hot water drips into the coffee beans placed in a filter on top of the machine. 

Some drip coffee makers may come with their grinder, so you can grind your own beans. This can help you make a fresher and more full-bodied cup of coffee.

 This comes in different sizes so you have to choose one that can suffice your needs. It can make large batches of coffee at one time at a faster rate.

Manual pour-over

This is perhaps the manual counterpart of a drip coffee maker. To be able to successfully create a good cup of coffee, skill, and precision is required. 

A paper or metal filter is placed in a cone-shaped device over a carafe or cup. Coffee grounds are placed on the filter and hot water is poured over it. You control how much water to use and how fast it pours.

The flow rate can also affect how the coffee tastes. So you have most liberties but you must know how to use them.

The material of the coffee maker matters

Another important factor to consider is the material of the coffee maker. It can be made from plastic, stainless steel, or glass. Each material can make a significant difference in how you can enjoy your coffee. 

Coffee makers that are made from glass such as the French press may not be able to keep coffee hot for a long time, thus need to be consumed immediately.

Unless they are intended to be placed on top of a stove, such as a stovetop coffee maker, then it can keep coffee hotter for longer.  

You also have to check the quality of the glass. Go for quality ones as cheap glass can break when used over time.

Ease of use vs flavor of the coffee


Having your own coffee maker is bliss, you don’t have to line up in the cafe or spend extra for that hot invigorating cup.

But you have to choose properly so you can truly enjoy your favorite mug of Joe.

Ask yourself these questions. Are you always rushing in the morning and badly need coffee? Are you okay with a casual cup or do you want a more robust and full bodied mug?

Capsules are the easiest way to go, but they can also result in mediocre coffee.

Espresso machines and cold brew are king when it comes to flavor and aroma when it comes, but it can entail time.

So you have to weigh your preference for coffee versus the length of time it takes to make one.

This is the surest way to ensure you get the most suitable coffee maker for your home, a cup that you can truly savor and enjoy.  


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