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Why are Robot Vacuum Cleaners Round?

Have you been wondering why most robot vacuums are round? You are not alone. 

Though you can see a handful of square-shaped robot vacuums, they are still outnumbered by circular ones. 

And there are specific reasons for this particular design. We’ll dive into each and also see why it can be a more advantageous shape.

Round shape is easier to navigate and maneuver

Round robot vacuums can rotate to 180 degrees.

This makes it easier for them to squeeze in cramped spots and navigate through tight spaces.

And since they can rotate to a larger range, they can go out of a tight space the same way that they came in. 


Round robot vacuums clean faster and better

The easy maneuverability makes cleaning easier since it will be easier to get out in case they get stuck. 

They can also cover more surface area. They can clean more in a single pass compared to D-shaped vacuums. Round robot vacuums have more space or brush coverage. 


Having better coverage means convenience and efficiency since less battery time will be utilized. You can get more cleaned in half the time. 

Less likely to get stuck

Since they have better maneuverability, it makes them less likely to get stuck. And if they do they can easily find their way out. We can’t say the same about D-shaped robot vacuums.

The round shape also makes it easier for them to get out of narrow spaces too. So getting stuck behind the furniture should be the least of your problems.

Compared to  D-shaped robot vacuums, they might still find their way out of a rut,  they just have to move more.

They have a more balanced weight

Since they have a more balanced weight, they are more stable and compact. You can easily sneak them under the furniture when not in use.

This also makes it easier to use them for cleaning areas under almost any type of furniture.

They have been around for longer

The first robot vacuums are designed to be round. It’s how all brands created them and what people are accustomed to.

And since they have been around longer, this presents several advantages.

One, there are more options and choices. You can see round-shaped vacuums with tons of upgrades, from the design to the functionality.

There is a smorgasbord of choices. There is more time and opportunities to come up with better variations.

And secondly, with a lot of models and brands, this makes it possible for round-shaped vacuum cleaners to have a more affordable and practical price tag. 

Round-shaped robot vacuums fit the profile of what most folks need 

As mentioned above, the circular design accounts for a lot of benefits. From the more efficient and faster cleaning to lots of choices, it’s king. 


But there are also possibilities when a D-shaped robot vacuum is a more viable choice. And here are some things to keep in mind.

  • D-shaped vacuums can get into nooks and crannies

This means that they are better when it comes to cleaning the corners of a room. They can reach more spaces along the edge of the walls furniture, and baseboards. 

Round-shaped robot vacuums may need more time to clean these areas efficiently. 

  • They may have a larger dustbin

If this is one of your priorities., it’s worth looking into these options.  Due to their design, D-shaped vacuums may be equipped with a larger dustbin capacity.

This can reduce the frequency of emptying the load and debris into the base station. If you are using a manual vacuum, this can save you from the effort, but you might not realize it much with an automatic one.


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