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What is the Best Air Purifier on the Market Today?

We tested a handful of air purifiers. While there are a lot of specific gasses and compounds that can linger in your homes, we opted to get the best at eliminating the more common irritants such as dust, pollen, and pet dander. We also tossed in a handful of air purifiers that can remove formaldehyde, which can be easily emitted from common household appliances.

Cleaning indoor air is vital, you don’t want to be slowly poisoned in your own home.  

Our Top Picks: Best Air Purifiers for Common Pollutants

Yes, it is a necessity nowadays. Air purifiers are not just a hype or a trend, these machines are capable of providing you with cleaner and fresh indoor air. You might be surprised at how toxic the air in your homes is becoming. 

Dyson Air Purifier Cool TP07

This is the perfect air purifier if you have a small to medium size room. This brand is equipped with HEPA filters with activated carbon, it efficiently removes animal dander, pollen, and dust as small as .3 microns.

So if you have cats or dogs, this is also a competitive brand. The HEPA filter can also help get rid of undesirable odors that can make your home less comfortable. We felt that this air purifier was able to do a very good job in lessening the amount of allergens that are floating that are floating in the air. Allergy sufferers can experience immediate relief with just a day of using this Dyson unit.

It also operates rather quietly, so this is also one of our top choices for the bedroom

Bissell Simple Clean Air Purifier

If you need to get rid of cigarette smoke and secondhand fumes, we are vouching for this one.  Thus, if you tend to cook a lot inside the home or are impacted by wildfires this can help make your indoor air smoke-free, healthier, and fresher. 

Once the smoke is in your home, it registers a hazardous level of PM 2.5 on its screen. After running the unit,  it will be able to lower the level of this hazardous gas to an acceptable range.

 It has a three-stage filtering process. So aside from being capable of removing dust, dirt, pollen, and animal dander,  it can easily eliminate smoke and unpleasant odors associated with it. 

The caveat is, that the light on the front dims in Night mode doesn’t turn off entirely. So if you can’t and don’t want to sleep with even a night light on, this can be a bit annoying. 

Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Auto

This Is a bigger unit with the prowess to clean air in larger areas and rooms. But of course, you have to deal with the bigger space that it requires. So best to place it in big bedrooms or shared open spaces like the dining and living areas.

It has A HEPASilent filter that also uses carbon. This is a very efficient compound that can get rid of nasty smells and odors in your home.  So you can expect this unit to help clear out the air you breathe. 

This baby is very easy to use despite the bigger size, it is quite straightforward to operate. But it does have some fancy fling to it,  you have the option to change the light of the air purifier. The lower half of the unit comes in several colors that you can customize to your fancy. 

The unit itself is quite affordable too, on the midrange level. But be prepared to shell out a bit more on the filter replacement, it can be a bit costly. 

Honeywell HPA300

Now, if you are worried about expensive filter replacements, this is a strong contender. The HEPA filter will not be that expensive so if your space requires filter replacements often,  this can save you money. But this might come with a bit of a trade-off, this unit is not that quiet, so maybe best be used in living areas. 

Also, this is a fairly large air purifier that can cover a larger area.  It can efficiently eliminate dust, pollen, and even smoke from your indoor air. 

Blueair Blue Pure 511

This is a compact, portable, and energy-efficient air purifier for those who are skimping on their utility bills. It only draws 3.5 watts on medium speed, so you needn’t worry about plummeting electric bills even with regular usage.  

It does only have a two-stage filtering system, but for its size and price, you can not complain. This can be a perfect little air purifier for a decent or small size bedroom. You can also use it in your zen nook for your reading pleasure and yoga practices. 

Levoit Vital 200S

This is another compact and portable air purifier like the Blueair Blue Pure 511, but it comes with a three-stage filtering system. So when it comes to purifying prowess it can be a notch higher. If you have a smaller space but might have more impurities lingering in the air, then this is a must. 

This baby can also remove VOCs from the air, so don’t let its small size fool you, this can be a hardworking horse. 

Dyson Purifier Humidifier+Cool Formaldehyde TP09

If you need more prowess from your air purifier, this Dyson model can fulfill your indoor air needs. In addition to eliminating dust, pollen, and pet dander, this can also easily remove formaldehyde from the air. 

Kerosene, tobacco, and car exhaust are just some of the common sources of this harmful gas. Several common household appliances can also contribute to elevating the concentration of this harmful compound in your homes. 

Keep in mind though that this might require more energy if used regularly. 

Winix 4-Stage True HEPA Air Purifier

This bad boy is perfect for bigger rooms and if you have open spaces in your homes. It can filter air of up to 200 square feet.

The downside is that the shape is not sleek. It can be a bit bulky and boxy and can eat up a bit more space in your room. Not to mention, it does not look that aesthetic, so you have to manage your expectations.  

But the good news is, it also has a nifty feature that allows you to take more control of the quality of your indoor air. 

You’ll be able to see the specific air quality at any time, so you can set it when you need the air purifier to run. 

The HEPA filter has an activated carbon filter to reduce odors from cooking, pets, and more.  It is a 4 stage filtration process, so it can remove even micro dust, making it a great choice for allergy sufferers.

Kenmore Smart2300E

This is an affordable option when it comes to large-size air purifiers. Despite the larger dimensions and capacity,  it will not add much to your electrical bills and utilities. This may top our list if we are speaking of more energy-efficient air purifiers.

It can be quite challenging to purify air in larger areas, but this unit does the job rather well. It cleans indoor air with less energy and at a faster speed too.

Medify Air MA-10 Air Purifier

This is another budget-friendly option that is more suitable for smaller spaces. The design is slim and sleek and it functions more like a basic air purifier, there aren’t any fancy works. But It can suffice if you just need to eliminate dust and dirt from the air you breathe. 

Keep in mind though that if you need to eliminate VOCs, pet dander, and extra small dust, then you will need something more powerful. 

Buying guide: what to look for when buying air purifiers

Sometimes, indoor air can be more dangerous and can contain more toxic fumes than the outdoors. If you have a lot of household appliances that can emit toxic fumes,  you can easily inhale these harmful gases without even knowing it.

That’s why purifying the air indoors is very essential. You don’t want to be poisoned in your own homes, do you?

Coverage and size

If you have larger rooms, make sure to purchase an air purifier that has the prowess to clean air in bigger spaces. Otherwise, it can be useless.


On the other hand, using a powerful air purifier for a very small room can be an overkill and an unnecessary waste of money.  

So better to measure the floor area of the space where you’re planning to place the air purifier and weigh it against the specifications of the unit. 

Types of filters

While there are different types of filters, HEPA and true HEPA remain to be the gold standard when it comes to air purification and cleaning.  We made sure to include units that have HEPA filters, at least.

However, if you have a requirement to eliminate more specific gases and compounds from the air such as formaldehyde, you have to opt for an air purifier with filters capable of doing this. 

We also tried these air purifiers.

These air purifiers might still be able to fulfill your needs to some extent. 

Winix 5500-2

This is aesthetics and function combined. When it comes to style and design, this can take away the cake. It has this stylish and striking look that can elevate the interior of your home. It functions like a basic air purifier but can be a bit expensive on the utility bills.

Coway Air Mega 200 M

This is built for small spaces and bedrooms. Having the capacity to clean air up to 361 feet, it requires little energy to operate. It looks simple and sleek too. But when the fan is used at medium speed, it can be very noisy. 

IKEA Förnuftig and Starkvind

This is a unique air purifier that can stand out from the crowd. It is very stylish and inexpensive too. You have an option to add carbon to the filter which can help remove benzene in the air. But it doesn’t have any HEPA filters. And this is only idle for very small spaces as it does not have enough prowess and range.

Also, this can be mounted on the wall and if you have an IKEA smart home hub, this can be easily synced to it. 

Even indoor air can be polluted

This is a reality that we are living in. That’s why it is crucial to take the necessary steps to clear your homes of the toxic irritants.

best air purifier3

One of the simpler ways is by using an air purifier. When used consistently, you can ensure that you and your family are only breathing in clean non-toxic air. That’s probably one of the more pressing reasons why many choose to stay indoors nowadays. So to not defeat that purpose, you have to buy a more suitable air purifier for your home.. 


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